From a reader in India

To the WSWS editor,

Only recently did I discover your site. It happened when I was surfing the net looking for articles on Akira Kurosawa. The article by David Walsh was extremely good. Subsequently I have become a fairly regular visitor to your site.

The Internet is only now picking up in our country. Moreover those who do have Internet connections are not primarily interested in such sites. Those few like me find it rather disgusting to go through the different sites only to find that they are all of the same hue. Hence a site like yours makes a lot of difference to folks like me.

However I am sure you will permit me to make some comments on the site and some of the articles contained therein.

The site, to say the least, is extremely good. The articles on any subject are generally well thought out and provide the reader with a certain perspective not usually found in the Net. My only regret is that most of the articles seem to be relating to a part of the world far away from where I stay. Naturally one cannot expect many visitors from the Indian subcontinent. The only articles I found on India were about the recent elections to the state (provincial) assemblies and the congresses of the two communist parties. The latter article left much to be desired as I felt that it was written without a proper understanding of the situation in our country. (If it was, then I can only beg to differ.)

As I am interested in the arts, I try to read all the articles on the subject. And here I find your site quite refreshing. For I notice that in India a proper perspective is lacking even among the Left. I would appreciate if more space is devoted to this area with particular reference to the Asian countries.

The different articles on workers' struggles round the globe is a welcome feature. It definitely provides the visitor with a panoramic view of the state of affairs across the world; something that is primarily the result of privatization.

I do look forward to visiting your site regularly. Wishing you and your team the very best in all your efforts to make our world a better place.


Madras, India

[12 December 1998]