On the Starr investigation

I would like to applaud the WSWS 's coverage of the Clinton affair that is currently being fought out in Washington DC. Your articles help expose both the hypocrisy of both the political parties involved, and also how much organized religion has infiltrated the supposedly secular US government, especially in regard to Clinton's conduct after news of the Lewinsky affair broke.

One thing that you have done an excellent job of exposing (something that the capitalist-owned media refuses to deal with) are the real political agendas behind the scandal--the fascistic, right-wing agenda of the Republicans and the Democrats' willingness to let their own leader be dragged through the mud so that the public will not realise just how much bourgeois democracy has failed them.

Both parties may have slight differences, but, as the WSWS has shown, they both seek to maintain the status quo of capitalism and prevent a government that--truly--represents the people from taking power.

Specifically as an atheist, I was disgusted, but not surprised, by Clinton's conduct after he was forced to admit to having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. The man behaved like a televangelist caught with a prostitute (shades of Jimmy Swaggart, anyone?)!

Unfortunately, religion is on the rise in the Western world, and a particularly virulent brand of Christianity is currently in the apex in the USA. Therefore, it is not surprising that Clinton appealed to religious sentiments, such as making sure to be caught by the media coming out of church, and having high-profile ministers such as Jesse Jackson visit him. Clinton is probably fairly religious in his personal life, but I suspect most of this is merely pandering to the public.

Again, I'd like to applaud your web site in general and the issues that you cover. Keep producing the good articles, because I'd always like to read more.


[12 December 1998]