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Mehring Books encourages readers of the WSWS to take advantage of our holiday offer. Between now and the first week of the New Year our latest publications will be discounted at 20 percent off the cover price.

These discounted titles include our two most recent books: Art as the Cognition of Life: Selected Writings 1911-1936, by Aleksandr K. Voronsky and 1937: Stalin's Year of Terror. The author 1937, Russian Marxist historian and sociologist Vadim Z. Rogovin, recently passed away in Moscow at the age of 61. Both volumes document the genuine socialist opposition that existed to the Stalinist bureaucracy in the Soviet Union.

1937: Stalin's Year of Terror has been widely reviewed in a number of German publications. Recently Professor Robert V. Daniels, a Russian historian from the University of Vermont, commented on the significance of the publication of this work. Professor Daniels' writings include: The Conscience of the Revolution: Communist Opposition in Soviet Russia and the two-volume set, The Documentary History of Communism in Russia.

Daniels noted: 'Professor Rogovin's work on the climax of Stalin's purges in the year 1937 is extraordinarily interesting and useful. He relates the essence of all the new Russian documentation on the period that has appeared since 1991. Notably the records of Central Committee plenums, and the translation now brought out by Mehring Books, makes this material internationally available. Rogovin's sympathies are distinctly with Trotsky, but this does not impede an objective account where the facts of the terror speak horribly for themselves. These events make it hard to sustain the notion that Stalinism proceeded directly from the earlier phases of the Russian Revolution; it was manifestly a 'betrayal,' even a counterrevolution (masked by ritualized ideology).'

Mehring Books is preparing an ambitious plan of publications for 1999. Our titles cover a wide range of subjects--from history and philosophy, to culture and contemporary politics.

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