A letter from South Africa

Dear Sir,

I congratulate you for the informative site you maintain. Newspapers in South Africa are generally bad. Before, under the old Nationalist Party (Apartheid) rule, they were all apologists for racism. Today under Mandela and his ANC and affirmative action, newspaper journalists made a 180 degree swing. It seems to me, they (the journalists) are all trying to attract the attention of the new ruling clique.

Mandela, is projected as a lover of children. Last week he did his stunt going around giving sweets and plastic toys to children in the squatter camps where the majority of us blacks (working class) still live. We came from Apartheid rule where a decent education was denied. The objective of Bantu Education in South Africa was to supply the primary industry (agriculture and mining) with a source of cheap labour. The 'new' Mandela administration continues with the same horror, they call it democracy now. You have the right to a decent education as long as you can pay for it.

In other areas of social delivery the story is the same. The ANC is a cabal, run by a few Stalinists. There are many political organisations to the left of the ANC. Because of their narrow outlook based on the Nation State, the leadership tend to be individualistic and cannot unite. The South African Communist Party is a carbon copy of their old Russian Masters. Erwin, an executive member of this party, is minister of Trade and Industry. He is ultimately responsible for the implementation of the IMF programs here. Another SACP member, R. Kasrils, or Red Ronnie, is deputy minister of Defence. Hospital wards were closed down a few weeks because there is no money, they tell us. Last week the Mandela government approved R30 billion for a state of the art upgrade of the military hardware.

Keep up the good work. I will send you an analysis of the state of education in the 'new' South Africa soon.