Doctor opposes firing of medical journal editor

To the editor,

The 1991 research of college students' attitude toward oral sex was not done for the benefit of any political party. Clearly it cannot influence the debate in Congress which is entirely based on partisan efforts over the past six years to remove President Clinton by hook or by crook.

The president should have been treated like any citizen by trial in ordinary court if a prosecutor had considered it proper to violate sexual privacy to make a dubious case. The findings of this 1991 study should not be suppressed, they are of medical significance and if they help the general public to understand the nuances of this witch-hunt in congress, so much the better. Firing the messenger, Dr. Lundberg, is an infantile way of attempting to suppress the facts.

By the way, is the Supreme Court sitting idly in the meantime with its chief justice presiding silently in the Senate?


M.D. (McGill, 1942)