Engineer in Pakistan writes on arsenic contamination in Bangladesh

To the editor,

You have made a much-appreciated effort in describing the arsenic contamination and poisoning in Bangladesh to the world. I was haunted to learn all those shuddering facts and how the people are suffering. And the leaders are busy in their disputes over power.

I completely support you on that grim situation in West Bengal and Bangladesh. You mention a filter that purifies small quantities of water. Can't the arsenic slug filtered out by the device be used in some chemical reaction or somewhere else? You should think along those lines. For how long will the device be working flawlessly? For interim relief, I think, it is the best solution. Mass production of that device will cause some decrease in its price and the funds allocated or being allocated by the UN agencies can be used to reduce the price by subsidizing it for the needy.

Is there any danger of arsenic in Pakistan also? I would like information on that question. I am an engineer in Pakistan and would like to know the situation of water conditions in my country.

However you are doing a great job and God will reward you.