New reader appreciates World Socialist Web Site

To the editor:

I discovered the WSWS about a month ago, and was immediately impressed. The quality of journalism and analysis is above anything else I have seen on the web--even other Marxist sources. Since then, my impression has only grown stronger. High quality articles have appeared almost every day, covering a broad range of subjects that I might not otherwise be informed about.

So this note is basically to say thanks for providing such a valuable service! If every Internet user has your page bookmarked, I think the world would change a lot for the better.

Some subjects I would be curious to see WSWS 's thoughts on are the developments in Kosovo--who are the real backers of the KLA?, Sierra Leone--is the RUF at all progressive and why is the United States so hostile to them?, and Africa in general--why does the continent seem to be dividing into two opposing camps, one with formerly "Marxist" governments like Angola, Zimbabwe, the two Congos, together with Namibia, Libya, Chad and Sudan, and the other with the US puppets Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, UNITA, the Sudanese rebels, etc.?

Perhaps someday you could have an article on one or more of these subjects ...

Keep up the great work!

In solidarity,