Attorney for Julie Hiatt Steele charges Starr with abuse of prosecutorial power

For the benefit of our readers, we are publishing here in full the press release issued on January 7 by Nancy Luque, the attorney for Julie Hiatt Steele.

"The indictment of Julie Hiatt Steele is as reckless as it is utterly without merit. It is a glaring example of Mr. Starr's gross abuse of his prosecutorial power. Mrs. Steele has told the truth and is innocent.

"Mr. Starr has clearly timed this baseless accusation in a transparent attempt to unfairly influence the pending impeachment proceeding. The indictment is a backdoor attempt to put Kathleen Willey's immunized 'claims' before the public, something Mr. Starr was afraid to do in his referral to Congress.

"Most alarming is the fact that my office began receiving calls from the press three days ago indicating that Mrs. Steele would be indicted today. Mr. Starr has remained true to form by unlawfully leaking confidential grand jury information to the media.

"I have repeatedly advised the Department of Justice of unlawful, unethical and unprofessional conduct by Mr. Starr and his deputies. This indictment is also a desperate attempt to punish me for referrals to the Department of Justice.

"Mrs. Steele, a single mother with a small child who has no political agenda, is being punished for telling the truth. God help us all."

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[9 January 1999]