New York transit worker comments on the impeachment crisis

The WSWS has received the following e-mail in response to correspondence posted on February 18 entitled "New York transit workers and the impeachment crisis."

There was some mention in the mainstream media regarding Senators Trent Lott's and Bob Barr's ties to the Conservative Citizens Council (CCC: described as a softening of the Ku Klux Klan). I think that Democrats were reluctant to build on this story out of fear that they would be accused of trying to divert attention from the matter at issue (Clinton's admitted actions with Monica Lewinsky after his previous denials).

I also heard several news organizations characterize the high job approval ratings that President Clinton received (via public opinion polls) as the public-at-large's response to the threat of the elected President's removal from office by a small band of dissidents. I don't know how valid the opinion polls are, but I agree with the logic that is the basis of this characterization.

As for the questions that were raised regarding the Constitution and the practicalities of President Clinton's removal from office, I also would like those answers.

Finally, regarding the position of the other transit worker concerning the "leaders" of the Transport Workers Union. I agree. These "leaders" prefer the indifference that their members display toward politics in general, and their locals in particular. This enables them to sit back and collect salaries and pensions with a minimum of work. This will not end until the members realize that they are the union. The union is not a faceless organization with a puppet leader at the controls.

Another New York City transit worker