Angola prison and The Farm

The World Socialist Web Site has received a number of letters in response to WSWS Arts Editor David Walsh's review of The Farm, a documentary about the maximum security prison in Angola Louisiana. Among the letters was the following.

To the editor:

I was very saddened by the excellent documentary on this prison, not for the victims, but for the victims that are locked up there. The Governor of Louisiana ought to be ashamed of himself, and to think he holds the fate of that State in his cruel, uncaring concern and haphazard regard for other human beings is beyond my constitution.

The parole board is a joke and every one of them should be fired. Sickening!

How anyone can think that execution is the answer except in extreme circumstances, and I mean EXTREME, could not possibly have any conscience. To say that someone has spent 10-20 years in prison is not enough of a punishment must be blind to the hell that the person has already been through.

We have no right to KILL anyone, and as I saw it, the persons doing the practice execution looked to me like they were enjoying that too much. Maybe some of them have a fetish to watch others die.

What we are doing is so wrong and barbaric and maybe somewhere years away this practice will cease. We can only pray for these poor souls and hope that someone will have the guts to stop this stupidity.

High regards,