Letters to the WSWS

The Clinton impeachment and the attack on democratic rights

Dear WSWS,

Thanks for the good work. Especially in pointing out why it is important to oppose the right-wing attack on democratic rights through the impeachment of Clinton. I come to your site 5-6 times a week and always find several articles of interest.

I produce a weekly cable access show here in Sacramento and used your article on the Impeachment and Civil War as the basis of our January 25 show. It was a live show that generated more phone calls than we have received in quite some time. One of the interesting points about the call-ins was that most of them wanted the topic changed to issues that really matter (like Social Security and other economic issues). Our audience is varied, one of our callers was a retired ex-serviceman and only one of the ten calls had a left perspective. Which is the major reason why I've been at this (cable access) for five years, because it gives us a chance to talk to people outside our normal orbit.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.


Can't imagine why Goldberg has not been the subject of an investigation since she so obviously has been the plotter behind all of the events that have paralyzed the US government and caused so much misery for so many people.


My mother and I have watching this impeachment "trial" from the start and I have been horrified by the lack of truth given by the media. It seems the press, etc., are concerned only with promoting the power of the economic political system, or is the press a handmaiden to the power of wealth, which is augmented by political support. We are of the working class and I for one am sickened by this travesty of a trial. How can women like Linda Tripp even look at themselves in the mirror, knowing how they are supporting the economic politics and belittling the honor of women in America in general?

Ludington, Michigan

Dear Editors,

"Impeachment trial ends, but the conspiracy continues" is without doubt, the most thoughtful, well-considered post-impeachment statement I have seen.

You continue to say what no other organ understands or dares to state. What can I do to help you promote understanding of the dangers democracy faces?

San Diego CA

To the editor:

I appreciate your coverage and opinion concerning the Starr conspiracy and the whole impeachment fiasco in general. You have the most incisive and forceful coverage. I wish you had more influence and exposure. So I am writing you to say that some are listening. I have not been a member of the working class since 1978. Keep up the good work.