A letter from Brazil, in solidarity with the Chilean people

I would like to lend my solidarity to the Chilean people, which is a sister people of our own. In Brazil we too passed through a bloody military dictatorship and can understand the pain of the families of the tortured, the dead and the disappeared.

I sincerely hope that justice is done and that it thereby inaugurates a new era of MATERIAL and not just formal justice on a world scale. In any event, even if the judgment is favorable to Pinochet, his mask has been ripped off before the whole world.

It has become clear that without brute force, this man enjoys no respectability before the world, on the contrary. Everyone sees him as a worm, a source of shame for all humanity.

A precious precedent has been established for the punishment of other fascistic elements, as not all of them will have diplomatic immunity. They will stay isolated in their countries out of fear of paying for what they have done.

Once again, I express my profound sentiments of solidarity to the relatives of the victims of Pinochet, not only in my name, but for millions of other Brazilians.