Readers around the world oppose NATO bombing

I have just come across your site and was pleased to see someone writing the truth for a change, not the one-sided Western rhetoric I'm faced with in the Australian press. KEEP UP the good work and try to get your stories out to the print media in your own country where public opinion will ultimately decide the future of this MESS.


I'm very surprised by your reasonable articles. They show that your commentators understand the politics of the various countries in the world, and the situation in Balkans.

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Thanks for a more balanced view of the motives and rationale for this war; the commercial media in the US is obviously biased to support the Clinton administration.


With the US and NATO getting away lightly with the attack on Yugoslavia I can see that Cuba needs to be vigilant. After all Washington is used to demonizing Fidel Castro and there are hundreds of thousands of Cuban refugees in the US. Forty years of sanctions against Cuba have failed to return it to US domination, if the US can get away with its attack on Yugoslavia, what chance has Cuba got?!


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Just like to thank you for the daily news for explaining the injustice of the NATO actions. Also keep up your good reporting.


Excellent coverage. Thanks very much. Keep up the good work!


Dear Editor,

First the Ottomans then the Austro-Hungarians, the fascists from Italy and Nazis from Germany, the British in '46 had to content themselves with Greece, now that the USSR is not there, the Americans having appointed themselves the masters of the world, and are conquering the Balkans by war. It is an imperialist and militaristic war against the people of the region, regardless of race or religion. NATO is an aggressive military organization that should not exist and that is acting in violation of the United Nations Charter.

The United States is willing to undertake another Vietnam in the Balkans dragging the Europeans and others in it.

Enough of Wars !


Once again this country has acted bluntly. What is this business of bombing other independent nations that pose no threat other than their own internal civil war? How is it possible that the US can do this, defying the UN Charter, and opening the gate for a possible WWIII?

I agree with every word in your editorials. Clinton talks of protecting the people in Kosovo. What about the Kurds in Turkey? And the Timorese in Indonesia? And the Basque province of Spain? Why don't bombs fall there? The examples are, as you illustrated in your editorial, are almost endless. But, the question's answer I still cannot find. Is there any reason for the Clinton administration to be so set on this issue and not on others? What are their interests in the region? I wonder if this will be somewhat like the recent bombings over Iraq, after a few days, Hussein was forgotten and the "evil" Milosevic took his place. Who is the next big horrible monster going to be? So many questions, but scarcely any answers. In the meantime, I hope the WSWS keeps up with the story; you're my first source of information whenever I'm online. Many thanks for publishing your ideas.


Hi, I'm doing an extensive research on Kosovo. I really enjoyed reading the info on your site: finally something objective! Right now all the information available comes from sites like CNN or BBC, etc., and of course gives subjective, Western point of view on the issue. Thank you very much; I hope to see more sites like this one on the Web.

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Listen, I am not a socialist and I probably would disagree on 99 percent of the issues with your organization. However, what you are writing and reporting I agree fully. I thought living in America we would receive objective and well balanced reporting from our major news networks. But, it is apparent that the government and media are in lock step in what they are reporting. Nothing like this exists except in countries where dictators are in power. Hmm, maybe we are a de facto dictatorship? And, we don't even know it. Anyway, keep up the truth because we need it.


A refreshing commentary on the ills that are currently affecting the United States. We are being sold "down the river" by a media that is out of control.


I have just discovered your pages. Your articles are very good. I'm expressing my support to your work!


Good stuff on the Balkans war and the stupefaction of the US intelligentsia. As a teacher in the public schools, I can tell you that we are constantly being bullied by unending demands from the professional/ruling classes for a standardized testing; multiple-choice exams which can never provide the results that a rigorous program of performance-based schooling could achieve. But, the truth of the matter is that the powers that be aren't so much interested in teaching people as they are in preparing them for a role on the assembly line. And if you doubt this, consider the roles of most of those who are consulted on this question. Invariably, the media seeks out corporate leaders "concerned about a quality workforce"; and if they speak to teachers at all, they dialogue with the hacks and "yes people" inside the bureaucracy and the ranks of the UFT and the NEA.

So it is interesting to note, as your web page has, that the desire to obfuscate has resulted in a scenario among the ruling class ranks in which they push forward their stupid and dogmatic--such as Madeline Albright--at a time when their clearest interests would be in supporting self-preservation and the sharper thinkers among them. Unfortunately for them, as Billy Preston used to sing, nothing from nothing still leaves nothing. If they weren't so bloody dangerous, it would be a lot funnier than it is.


Thank you for telling the truth and exposing the insanity of this inhumane NATO organization and this senseless bombing of innocent civilians in Kosovo.