More letters to WSWS oppose NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

Dear Editor,

My name is Nela and I am from Yugoslavia. I do not write this to blame anyone for this war, I just want to tell you a story, the way I feel... I was an ordinary student and my biggest problem was exam in anatomy. But now everything is different. I still hope that I will wake up and realise that all of this is just a bad dream. Dreams... I forget how it feels to sleep with dreams. I remember only emptiness in the eyes of the people in my country. I would give anything to feel the spring wind without the smell of war in my face, to wake up and go to my university. I would do anything to feel the joy of life, to see trees and flowers, to hear the song of birds... I do not know what scares me more--the sound of sirens and thunder of bombers...or deathly silence?

NATO destroyed our schools, kindergartens, hospitals, power plants, villages... Are they military objects? No... But, NATO can not destroy our hearts, our beliefs, our pride and our love for our land. I am proud to be Serb. I do not know how long this terrible war will last, but I know that war brings no good to anybody. Human suffering is the same for all people and there are no differences among people... There are human beings and animals. I appeal to all people to stop violence, pain, suffering...There are no Serbs and Albanians, there are people who suffer because of war that they did not want. Somebody else wants to destroy peace, not Albanians or Serbs. If I could I would invite YOU to come and see how beautiful my Yugoslavia is...Everyone who comes in peace is more than welcome!!!

I want back my dreams, my feelings, my studies, my friends. I only want to see sky without bombers, night with stars and I want to fall in love without a fear that somebody might kill my boyfriend. I want my ordinary life back!!! Is that so much?!

With best wishes, love and hope,

Nela from Yugoslavia

To the editor:

The bombing of Serbia by the United States is a crime. I can only hope that the Serbians can understand that not all Americans support their government in this travesty. I can only guess that there is no organized protest against this injustice due to propaganda being given to the American people by the media and the government. If there are any protests against the bombing, I have not heard of a single one on the news. The people that I have talked to that are against the bombing remark that they know the government is lying but have no facts. There are a lot of people here that are against this. My only hope is that enough NATO countries realize their mistake in backing NATO in this and call for an end to the killing of innocent people.


Dear Sir or Madam:

Whoa! Mr. Chossudovsky's article is truly an eye-opener. If the allegations made in the piece are eventually borne into widespread exposition as the ugliest of ugly truths, the sheer magnitude of criminality associated with this type of blinding should be enough to sink governments. That, of course, assumes a dogged pursuit by the mass media, which presently seem all too occupied in waiting for their next Pentagon briefing or refugee photo op.

I fear the author and other detractors of NATO's gunboat diplomacy are doomed to sit on the fringes of this conflict while people of all stripes in Yugoslavia continue to die for reasons they may never understand, for a truth that has no credibility and for countries they may never have been destined to govern.

The state of affairs in Yugoslavia, with all it's sorry players, saddens me profoundly. When I read articles such as Mr. Chossudovsky's, I am reminded that anger is a twin to sadness. The truth, forever a casualty, is like an onion: there are many layers and every one can make you cry.

Thank you to the author and you the editors for providing this important forum. Keep up the good work!

Most sincerely,


Winnipeg, Canada


I read your analysis and comments about the crisis in the Balkans and the cynical involvement of the West with "dirty money" connection.

I am not familiar to this region but I would like to thank you giving the reader another perspective than the "official" NATO one.


To the editor:

Thank you. Your site is terrific, a one-stop location for reading behind the news. I appreciate the investigative journalism and the Marxist analysis, all with the ease of the web... Thanks again and keep up the great work!


Dear Editor,

The information in this article is astounding. Chossudovsky has pulled much of it together. But I doubt that even he has the whole picture yet. I'd surmised a few things about the underlying capitalist economic interests in the Balkan region. Hadn't suspected the drug connection or the Washington/Bonn complicity in expanding spheres of influence, let alone "Bonn's intent to expand its 'Lebensraum' into the Balkans..."


To the editor:

The historic pattern of US expansionism:

1) Pick a country that is not yet under US hegemonic control but which has some long-term strategic importance. (e.g., natural resources, strategic location)

2) Secretly support elements in that country who seek autonomy or who want to overthrow the government.

3) Provide weapons through secret drugs-for-guns deals.

4) Publicly make calls for democratic self-determination, thus building sympathy for those who seek autonomy.

5) Demonize the country's leadership when they crack-down on the separatists, thus solidifying public support for the separatists.

6) Publicly align with the separatists, now that a moral imperative has been established.

7) Encourage the separatists to declare an independent state and when they do, recognize it.

8) The government of the new country requests and gets US military aid.

Consequently, the US can send in an army in a "permissive" environment and keep intact the long-standing US record of not being the aggressor.

This pattern has been repeated over and over: Texas, California, Hawaii, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan. In the case of Kosovo, step 7 is next. Now the Western press has thoroughly demonized the Belgrade government, it is time to declare the Republic of Kosovo.


To the editor,

I didn't have to read your article to know what the U.S is doing but the article is quite correct. I also wonder who NATO (which apparently the U.S controls) will bomb next.

What about the sanctions on the innocent citizens, including children who do without medicine and food in Iraq? For what? Saddam isn't going to do without. I also wonder when we here in the U.S. will get what's coming to us-and I cant say we don't deserve it.


Hawesville, USA