Letters to the WSWS re: the April 15 article "What would be the consequences of a US declaration of war on Yugoslavia?"

While I appreciated the history lesson, I believe you are wrong to compare anything in the Yugoslavia situation to WWII. This was a real threat to OUR invasion. Japan bombed [the] US. I say it's safe to say that the Serbs won't be landing on our shores anytime soon. Will there be consequences for any act of war? Absolutely. The idea that this will cause the kind of civil rights violations that you propose is ridiculous. To call a war with Yugoslavia a "major war" would be a gross overstatement.


I don't know who the heck you communists are but , your statement below... is not possible. It is a constitutional guarantee to dissent, therefore opposition to a declared war cannot become illegal.

"Neither the Journal, the Republican Congress nor the Clinton administration itself have publicly commented on the most ominous consequences of a formal declaration of war: the likely outlawing of public political opposition to the US-NATO bombing campaign."



Dear Sir or Ma'am,

Regarding "What would be the consequences of a US declaration of war on Yugoslavia?", by Martin McLaughlin, 15 April 1999, I can only say that the author appears to be completely out of touch with the reality of America. In one sentence he recognizes that the U.S. last declared war over 60 years ago, and in the next he goes on to say that "There is no reason to expect that anything would be different."

???!!! I understand if your publication supports a certain interpretation of the facts; all publications do that. But this article, quite frankly, makes you guys look like nutcases. Having recently left the U.S. military, I can assure you that IF such orders were ever issued they would simply not be followed. Our civilian police force would also refuse any such measure. And last but not least, the American people would indiscriminately ignore any such legislation, as they have always been wont to do.

Do you honestly think that news agencies would allow censorship? And if they didn't, do you honestly believe that American soldiers would use physical force to impose it? Think again. This isn't the 70's, and it sure as hell isn't the 40's. America has changed, for better or for worse, and writing as if it hasn't does nothing to strengthen the article.



Reply by Martin McLaughlin for the WSWS