The toll of NATO's war

To the editor:

An item carried by AFP found by the Yahoo search service dated May 26 in Bucharest says substantially what you say in the June 2 article “Bombardment of Yugoslavia creates ecological disaster” (http://www.wsws.org/articles/1999/jun1999/rom-j02.shtml). It includes a denial by British Defence Secretary George Robertson that the bombing has endangered the environment. Robertson, with a slap at what he calls "the Serb lie machine," is said to have cited a UN-sponsored international workshop on the Danube, including representatives of the Danube Environmental Forum and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, which earlier in May concluded that no significant water pollution or environmental damage caused by war in Yugoslavia could be detected so far.

His inadvertent admission that NATO is at war with Yugoslavia aside, Robertson revealed himself to be the liar. The WWFN issued a statement from Brussels about the same time describing the war-generated ecocide in much the same terms as the Romanians. My own search has failed to find any mention of a UN-sponsored workshop on the Danube in May. Neither have I by Internet search or communication with the UN found any confirmation of Robertson's no-damage claim. Just another little lie in the NATO quiver—too little, I suppose, to be checked at the time by the compliant reporters.


Madison, WI

Dear Editor:

Unlikely to appear in the local press are articles such as: “Bombardment of Yugoslavia creates ecological disaster.”

Here in San Diego, CA we are provided with a virtual news blackout regarding NATO's War Against Yugoslavia. The limited and biased coverage provided in the local press consists of a few biased articles selected from the NYT and AP. Unlike the OIC investigations and impeachment proceedings, headlines regarding the assaults on FRY are muted and infrequent. Needless to say, there have been no reprints of documents such as the Rambouillet Agreement (though the Starr report was printed in full).

I am left with the impression that the local press would have us believe that NATO's military intervention is of little consequence.

Today's lead article, for example, concerns possible dangers from the 1988 (ten years ago) storage of Anthrax in a remote area of the former USSR. Nothing is to be found regarding the on-going and completely avoidable effects of NATO's assaults Yugoslavia, its neighbors or world ecology ...

Sincerely Yours,


San Diego CA

To the editor:

Tell me something: Does the Italian government support for the bombing of Yugoslavia plus slack from the European Central Bank equal two? I can't help but think there is a connection.



To the editor:

I get physically ill when I think about the evil being perpetrated on the Serbians in Yugoslavia. Having read pretty extensively about the true history and motivations of the US, I found it quite laughable when the reason for this murderous bombing was touted as a humanitarian mission to help the Albanians ...

It's quite obvious that some group has an agenda that is being carried out under the cover story of humanitarianism. It's amazing to me how controlled the media is. The powers that be have done a great job of preventing the truth from getting to the masses. I do believe the peoples of the world are starting to see through the smoke screen. The people in my little world know what is really going on but I just wish we had the power to stop this murderous and evil US policy.—Keep up the good work.



Seattle, Washington, US