The 1999 Sydney Film Festival

WSWS interviews renowned French director Bertrand Tavernier

Beginning July 10, the World Socialist Web Site will publish the first in a series of articles by Richard Phillips on the Sydney Film Festival held last June 11-23. The coverage will commence with a lengthy interview with renowned French film director Bertrand Tavernier and a review of his latest film, It All Starts Today.

Tavernier, who has been directing films for more than a quarter of a century, discusses how he became a filmmaker, his experiences with veteran directors and actors, the Hollywood blacklist and Elia Kazan controversy, political conditions in France and the government response to his latest film.

Films directed by Tavernier include The Clockmaker, Death Watch, The Judge and the Assassin, Round Midnight, Life and Nothing But, Daddy Nostalgie and Capitaine Conan.