WSWS readers comment on Kosovo, Kurdistan

“Potential environmental catastrophe in Balkans” by Michael Conachy not only provides information that the mass media fails to report, it also reveals the devious and hypocritical attitudes displayed by their blaming the Yugoslavian authorities for not informing the people of these dangers.

Thank you for providing the URL citation for the full text of the REC report. It is much appreciated! I hope you will continue to provide such references in future articles.


14 July

To The Editor,

Hello. I am 17 years old and I live in Australia. I have recently taken an interest in your web site, or to be more precise; the news editorials. Here in Australia, I think that there are too many lies coming from the media and politicians alike. Free media in this supposedly free and democratic society is becoming increasingly rare since much of the media is controlled by elites with their own ideas about how the nation should act and think. I am increasingly concerned about this, and it is my belief that people should always see both sides of any argument, as there are too many people in control who are only interested in their own wealth and greed at the expense of so many.

The opinions expressed by WSWS are independent and comprehensive, and do not play along with popular propaganda and the like (Kosovo/Serbia/NATO etc.). Please keep up the great work, and I'll always be interested in your confronting and often exposing articles!

11 July

Ever since the Kosovo war I have been following your insightful essays with much interest. Thank you for giving another perspective.

I was wondering if you provide any kind of e-mail news service such as the one from ZNet Update. If you do, I shall be very happy to subscribe.

Yours sincerely,

15 July

I have read a few articles about Mr. Ocalan's trial from your site and feel your appreciation of the subject is more objective. From now on I will search in your site to read more and understand your approach more clearly.

I am a Kurd living in Istanbul, in the heart of many occurrences related to Kurds, near to Imrali where the Ocalan trial has taken place.

But here I would like to draw your attention to another issue. Nowadays Turkey has embarked on a huge attack in Northern Iraq, where Kurdish guerrillas are based. The mass media, including your site, did not issue any news about it. Neither was any comment produced.

I hope to see a detailed comment and news on your page.

Best regards,

9 July