World Socialist Web Site Review published

The WSWS has published the inaugural edition of its journal, the World Socialist Web Site Review. The first issue focuses on the US-NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia, presenting a selection of the statements, commentaries, analyses and reports that appeared on the WSWS during the war that was launched on March 24, 1999.

The journal features the WSWS Editorial Board statement, "World power, oil and gold—Why is NATO really at war with Yugoslavia". Among its contents are "How the Balkan war was prepared: Rambouillet Accord foresaw the occupation of all Yugoslavia"; "IMF 'shock therapy' and the recolonization of the Balkans"; and "The record of the Kosovo Liberation Army: ethnic politics in the alliance with imperialism".

Other articles explore the political ramifications of the roles played by the administrations in Washington, London, Berlin and Moscow.

Also included is a reply to correspondence from a supporter of NATO's bombing campaign, as well as a critical essay concerning the Columbine High School shootings in the United States. "The Columbine High School Massacre: American Pastoral ... American Berserk" outlines the complex and intimate relationship between this terrible event and the increasing resort to military aggression on the part of the US government.

Finally, the journal provides a helpful listing of all 128 articles presented by the WSWS on the US-NATO war from January 28 to May 29, 1999.

Designed in an attractive and durable magazine format, the journal will assist WSWS readers to retain important articles for future reference and discussion. It will also serve to introduce new readers to the WSWS.

A further analysis of the US-NATO assault, After the Slaughter: Political Lessons of the Balkan War by David North, has been published by Mehring Books as a pamphlet. This essay explores both the geopolitical driving forces of the war and its political implications.

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