Readers comment on the WSWS

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to say that the more I read what is printed on the WSWS, the more I realize that you are right when it comes to the working class. I also know because all of my life I have been a member of the working class, and have seen no real increases in my hourly wage.

It seems to me that the only people who don't suffer or care are not only the rich, but also the affluent middle class. As long as people have their American dream lifestyle, everything is all right.

And, of course, Americans are better off than most of the world. Millions starve and are oppressed and we do nothing about it. Or, when we do, we have results like what is in the Balkans, i.e., military blunders. As far as American imperialism is concerned, I think that we are no better than the Soviet Union; we have had our share of crimes against humanity. Of course, Stalinism was wrong nonetheless.

All of my life I have been told that capitalism is good, and that socialism is evil. I am 27 and really questioning that thought. Every company that I have worked for treats a person without regard. WalMart, for example, with a recent change of corporate CEOs, cut way back on what they were offering their workers in perks and benefits, not to mention the customer. Not only did they do this, but the number of workers they hired were cut way back. Jobs were diminished.

How is it that people in a country this rich can be denied a viable health care system? How is it that we refuse to feed others with the tremendous amount of food that we have? This is ridiculous! There is no reason for it.

The old saying is true: "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer." I think that the whole system, as far as America is concerned, needs to be turned upside down ... of course, this would basically demand a revolution.

Thank you for your time in reading this. Please feel free to contact me if you wish. I want to learn more. Thank you.



7 August 1999

Finally! Something worthwhile on the web. I discovered it through a link on Yahoo!'s main news page some months ago and wondered why big business allowed a socialist site to appear on its turf. It's not important I guess. Just writing to let you know I appreciate WSWS and hope it continues. It's a welcome tonic for the propaganda and other forms of dreck served up as news and commentary through the typical channels available on the web and in print.

Keep it up.


4 August 1999

The article by Justus Leicht on 6 August 99 (German foreign policy and the abduction of PKK leader Cevat Soysal) is worthy of appreciation in many aspects.

First the article reveals the hypocrisy of Germany's policy towards immigrants, especially Kurds. One of the PKK activists, Cevat Soysal, has been abducted by a Turkish squad and it is clearly understood he was handed over to the Turks by the Moldovian police.

Germany as well as other European countries have remained silent towards this mafia-style action and have tried to avoid any focus on it. However this barbaric act deeply discredits any merits the Europeans have gained through their long history of hard conflicts. After this incident none of those immigrants (Kurds) who heartily believed in the democratic and civilized tradition of Europe can feel safe.

Secondly, what makes the Green's policy any different from the "Reddish” one? This abduction does not mean anything to the Social Democrats. The abducted person, who had previously escaped torture and was seeking asylum, has been tortured again in Turkey.

Best regards,



10 August 1999