Letters to the WSWS on JFK, Jr. and the Balkans

I enjoyed reading a realistic viewpoint about the JFK, Jr. tragedy. Although the coverage was of interest because we endured a very public loss of our president, the media coverage seemed like a desperate attempt to reconnect with the public's projection of their "Camelot" on the entire Kennedy family. They are, after all, a wealthy politically-motivated family—not royalty. I cringe every time I hear them referred to as "America's First Family/Royal Family” or JFK, Jr. as "The Prince." Yuck! I suspect John Kennedy would have hated that. Thanks.

30 July 1999

Hi, I am a university student in USA. The reason I am writing to you is that I wanted to thank you for your coverage of the aggression against Yugoslavia. I am formerly from Moscow, but I have been living in America for a number of years. I am not a socialist. In fact I am very far from that perspective, but that is not the point. Our "free" media have been broadcasting nothing but NATO propaganda about Kosovo. It was a real pleasure to find your articles full of real facts about the situation, not empty words like most of the news here. Please keep the coverage coming, because at this point you are one of the few news sources that provides the truth. Once again, thank you very much. Keep it up.


31 July 1999

I just read your July 15 article on Montenegro and I was very impressed. You guys sure do have your facts. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to future articles.

The slaughter in the Balkans has not stopped, but I guess it doesn't matter when there are Serbs or non-Albanians dying. It's funny how CNN isn't doing a lot of coverage of KOSOVO, and the atrocities that we EVIL SERBS have done. Makes you think a little, eh!


17 July 1999