Letters to the World Socialist Web Site

I have never paid much attention to politics, but [Ontario's Tory Premier] Mike Harris makes everyone pay attention. All I know is that my basic rights are slowly diminishing. I cannot go to the hospital and get proper service. After waiting hours to see a doctor, you get a nurse that is miserable because she has been doing the work of three. A doctor that doesn't have the time to give you a proper diagnosis because he is thinking of all the other people still waiting to see them. I realize it is not the fault of the nurses or doctors, it is the fault of the government! The cutbacks are going way too far!

I do believe in workfare to a certain extent. If one is capable and is not the sole provider for children, then yes, I agree they should get out and work. I do not agree with making mothers, who have no support of any kind from anyone, go out and work and leave their children with strangers. I work forty hours a week, my husband works sixty, and that doesn't leave much time for our children, and all because the Government takes so many taxes! And what are the taxes going to pay? Certainly not hospitalization or social programs! I don't mind paying my fair share but how fair is it when my children have to be raised by someone other than their parents because I can't afford to stay home! I would love to be able to do something about this but my knowledge is little where politics are concerned. I appreciate you hearing me out.

Thank you,
15 December 1999

As an unemployed worker I continue to hear employers screaming that they cannot find people to employ. What do they offer? Wages that are impossible to live on, not enough hours, or, so many hours that you have no time to do the OTHER things you need to do. They are more than willing to work you for starvation wages till you get all used-up, and then let you go. However, they demand not only loyalty to the company, but total control of your life. When will they figure out that you get what you pay for?

24 November 1999

To the editors:

One thing I have never understood is how "our" media gets away with hiding and muffling the plain truth. This phenomenon is especially egregious in the King case because the assassination videotape which shows the gunmen shooting King, getting into his car and driving off, also shows—QUITE PLAINLY—a fat Memphis sheriff wheeling about IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION and bellowing, "He went THAT way!" To me that proves conspiracy in a way that removes all doubt.

So does the fact this videotape has rarely if ever been shown since. Contrast that with the endless rehashing of the JFK assassination (not that it doesn't warrant repeated scrutiny). I think it obviously is not shown because a wide airing would crushingly refute the airy conspiracy dismissals oozing from our corrupt media.

And Ray's ability to lead authorities on a chase through several nations before capture was highly suggestive of high-powered assistance. Ray was not the brightest bulb in the lamp. The Chicago Sun-Times once recounted how his attempt to rob a cab driver there ended in failure when the cab rounded a corner, the door fell open, and Ray fell out and rolled down the street.

But as usual, the media doesn't hesitate to tell us what to think. To paraphrase an old comedy line, "Who ya gonna believe, us or your own eyes?"

Lisle, Illinois
19 December 1999

Whatever happened to the investigation into the FBI involvement in Waco? There seemed to be some new questions about if the FBI (and others) were lying, did start the fire and perhaps shot some Davidians. This story seems to have completely disappeared without questions being answered. My personal opinion is that the right-wing, conservative Republicans and other nefarious groups realized that they didn't want to discredit the FBI (and others) so they could use them against their perceived enemies (Clinton, Gore, Democrats, etc.). In other words, the FBI has continued its tradition as a tool of fascist, illegal and violent elements in the society and they need to appear to have some credibility and legitimacy, which would be destroyed by a full investigation of the Waco matter.

18 December 1999

I think it is terrible what is happening in the world. The greedy in power only care for themselves. They don't care for the children or anything else, just their oil and money. I do believe in the need for a world revolution for fairness and justice. The former workers' state has turned into a “me-me-me and screw-you state,” just like the USA. The tide will turn—the protests in Seattle show what is coming in the year 2000.

Women in the former Soviet Union now have to sell their bodies just to put food on the table. Even under the corrupt party leaders it was not anything like this. I do believe the working class in the former Soviet state will rise up in a mighty revolution, as their brothers and sisters in America will. We are on the eve of a great worldwide revolution that will be led by the working people. It will be for working people and for our little children and our mother earth.

What is so free about the freedom we have now? One day the people of the world will try those in power and charge them with crimes against the human race and life itself. Their god is money. The people of the world have been so hurt by these international gangsters, that there is no force in this world that will stop the people from rising up. My soul hurts for the poor people of the world. I want justice, not money or power. The people of the world will see it in their life times. Thanks for your time.

14 December 1999