Mehring Books Holiday Offer

25 percent discount on all books and pamphlets

25 percent discount on all books and pamphlets

Mehring Books (www.mehring.com) is pleased to offer to WSWS readers a 25 percent discount on all our books and pamphlets until January 31, 2000. With the titles in our catalog encompassing all the central strategic experiences of the working class in the twentieth century, we encourage you to use this opportunity to purchase a timely gift for family or friends and to expand your own library.

For those concerned with the consequences of the globalization and the capitalist market, Globalization and the International Working Class: A Marxist Assessment is a recommended purchase. This work explores the underlying reasons for the globalization of world economy over the past two decades and explains the inability of organisations based on a national program—such as the trade unions—to defend any of the social gains of the working class. It advances the need for the rebuilding of an international socialist workers movement to combat globally organized capital.

Trotsky's monumental work, The Revolution Betrayed, is a masterpiece of Marxist analysis. It establishes the unbridgeable gulf between the bureaucratic regime of Stalin and genuine socialism, and provides the contemporary reader with the necessary theoretical framework for comprehending the processes that culminated in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Essential for any student of twentieth century history is Vadim Rogovin's brilliant study, 1937: Stalin's Year of Terror. In painstaking and tragic detail, Rogovin establishes the objective truth: the Stalinist bureaucracy was only able to entrench itself in power through the bloody and counter-revolutionary slaughter of tens of thousands of Marxists and intellectuals and the destruction of a widespread and powerful socialist culture.

An example of the breadth of that socialist culture is contained in Art as the Cognition of Life, a compilation of essays by Aleksandr K. Voronsky. Voronsky was one of the authentic representatives of classical Marxism in the field of literary criticism and was executed in 1937 during Stalin's purges. The experiences of the last six decades have made his work more, not less, relevant. His essays speak directly to the current crisis of artistic perspective and paucity of intellectual thought.

Mehring Books has also published a wide array of pamphlets. Highly recommended are the seven lectures that make up the series Marxism and the Fundamental Problems of the 20th Century. Delivered to an international symposium two years ago, each of these lectures dealt with issues critical to the socialist movement. This series can provide the starting point for any study of Marxist politics, history and philosophy.

As a special offer, we are also offering a 25 percent discount on any order of the first two issues of World Socialist Web Site Review. The June 1999 edition focuses on the daily analysis made by the WSWS of the US-NATO war against Yugoslavia. The current December 1999-January 2000 issue continues this analysis with the statement “After the Slaughter: Lessons of the Balkan War", as well as containing a cross-section of articles on political, historical and cultural questions.

Many other titles are available. The full catalog of Mehring Books can be viewed at our online bookshop, www.mehring.com, where secure credit card purchases in US dollars can also be made. Alternatively, orders can be placed by phone or mail to our distributors in the United States, Britain or Australia, with payments in the respective currencies. Normal postage charges apply.

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