On the NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy

Dear Editor:

I have found that your coverage of the controversy surrounding NATO's May 1999 Chinese embassy bombing has been excellent and I appreciate that on December 3, 1999 you posted the FAIR media release "Washington Post Online echoes official line on Chinese embassy bombing." Your readers may be interested in the 2nd edition of my Guide to NATO's Chinese embassy bombing:


Consisting of sections on Background, Annotated Entries (of which there are now over fifty, mostly of columns and articles for which online links are provided, including several wsws.org articles), and Evaluation, it contains what for most readers will be new information that the FDSP was not a weapons warehouse, about disgruntlement within NIMA about being made fall guys, about the exact reasons the Chinese have given for not accepting the latest official US explanation, etc.

Suggestions for improvements to the Guide would be most appreciated.


Brian K. MacLean
Sudbury, Canada