Recent letters from WSWS readers

This is the first time in a long while that I have seen an analysis of international affairs of such high quality. I would like to congratulate you for your efforts, and for presenting the true facts.

10 January 2000

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I'm an Austrian student working at the moment on a paper about the trade union situation in the Netherlands. On my search through the web I found the World Socialist Web Site and your report about the Dutch model. It was really interesting and I liked it a lot. Parts of it I'm going to mention in my work, although it is not really the topic.

In this context I have problem, which you may be able to help me on. I tried, as I said before, to get information about trade unions in the Netherlands, FNV, CNV and so on, but I couldn't really find anything in English. I wrote e-mails to these organizations, but they haven't replied yet. I would really appreciate if you could send me some information, or tell me where to find it. If it were possible I would prefer an answer in English, because my paper also has to be written in English, but German is also OK.

Thank you very much and keep on fighting against the injustice between rich and poor.

Happy New Year 2000

8 January 2000

As a newcomer to your site, I cannot help comparing what we now have to what we had. Twenty-five years ago Australia had over 4 percent of the world's manufactured goods market. It is now less than 1 percent. We now have some half a million less employed in manufacturing than then.

Some 10 years ago our politicians stated that economic reform was necessary and that those disadvantaged by it would be taken care of. Now these same people suddenly find that being unemployed is the unemployed worker's fault.

There simply are not the jobs out there, however you cut the cake. On average some 200 applicants for each advertised position should be enough to tell even blind Freddie that something is wrong.

This is probably old hat to you, but most people seem prepared to either forget or ignore the unpleasant facts.

10 January 2000

Your report on the Tailwind controversy reflects diligent research, determination to uncover the truth, and true dedication to the principles of journalism abandoned by most reporters who merely echoed the lies of CNN, Abrams, the Pentagon, the Special Forces.

Are you aware that [fired CNN news producer April] Oliver has been sued by [US Major General John] Singlaub (one of her confidential sources) and has turned around the suit and filed against him and CNN? It's in the Washington, DC Superior Court, has been sent to mediation and is getting very interesting.

Dennis McDougal of TV Guide has written good articles regarding this—most recently the fourth in a series during Christmas week.

Keep up the good work.

9 January 2000