Letters on the Elian Gonzalez controversy

The WSWS has received a number of letters on the Elian Gonzalez case. Below we reprint a selection.

As an American citizen (not of Cuban origin) I feel exactly as you do. In fact, I have been writing along similar lines to newspapers, the Congress, and the White House—even to Granma.

I am shocked and disgusted by the manner in which this boy has been used, and I am also disturbed by the timidity of our government in returning this boy to his father.


14 January 2000

Dear Editor,

I have never considered myself a dyed-in-the-wool socialist, but a recent trip to Cuba proved very enlightening. I was immediately struck with a sense of awe. Only having Mexico to compare it too, Cuba is clearly ahead of that country in terms of standard of living, without the US aid that Mexico has enjoyed for decades.

What a thrill it was to engage in conversation with people whose attention span had not been diminished due to overexposure to mass media, entertainment, and the like. And how very shameful to use a little boy for political gain. A boy that anyone free of political agenda agrees should immediately be sent home.


15 January 2000

You should send your children to live in Cuba. If Castro has such a wonderful place to live there, he would let people travel out of the country with no fear of asking for political asylum. I can assure you if he would do that, more than half of Cuba would be gone.


15 January 2000

As far as I am concerned, most of the Cubans living here in the US are simply bitter because they lost their family wealth on account of Fidel Castro. How much of that wealth came from gambling and related revenues has been lost in the issue.


14 January 2000

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