Letters from WSWS readers

Dear Editor,

Very good presentation of a different perspective of the AOL-Time Warner merger. As an IT professional from a developing country, I feel we are becoming puppets in the hands of the few handful of IT giants from the USA. Even the rudimentary indigenous R&D that existed till the mid 80's in my country (India) has totally vanished now. I wonder what the remedy could be.


15 January 2000

As one who has repeatedly and proudly recalled carrying Norman Thomas's typewriter when he was on the campaign trail ... I find it refreshing to see the Socialist spirit still alive, courageous, and willing to fight and write about injustice.

Keep up the good work.



14 January 2000

I read and enjoyed your article on the political and historical issues in Russia's assault on Chechnya. It seems to me that the rise of Islamic fundamentalism is a much bigger part of the problem than you admit though. Isn't this a very real problem for the Russian peoples? I'd be interested if you have any published articles on this—and also on the Taliband taking over Afghanistan.

I have no axe to grind. I am just trying to get a perspective on things. I'd appreciate your observations.


18 January 2000

Ghandi: "Poverty is the worst form of violence." Instead of focusing only on the impact of poverty on the poor, I suggest informing "Mainstream America" on the devastating impact poverty has on all of society. All violence is related, violence breeds violence and violence tends to escalate.


21 January 2000

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