Letters to the WSWS

To the WSWS,

I am an educational advocate for special needs kids. I advocate in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Most of my clients are from poor families and many are on welfare. My kids have emotional, behavioral, physical, and learning disabilities. A lot of my kids, although they may have been passed on to the 8th grade, can't read more than at a first grade level. I have been advocating for children for 5 years now and I feel this a CRIME.

It is a money issue and the schools are not educating our children. What is going on in the United States?

I am now working for a non-profit organization, which gets computers without operating systems, gets them up to speed and gives them out for free to disadvantaged children. What does the president plan to do about computers for low-income families? Will money be allocated to people to help them? I have never taken a paycheck for my hours. I work for free because my families need me and I can't charge them because that would place money before our children. We educational advocates need help.

I just read one of your articles on education and needed to sound off.

Thank you.

29 January 2000

To the Editor,

I would like to express my appreciation for your site's valuable contribution to public discourse on important matters. I access the site daily and am continually impressed by the depth and breadth of your coverage, as well as by the unyielding commitment to high ideals. Your work stands apart from the morass of corporatism that is the “mainstream” media. Again, thank you.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
1 February 2000

Dear Sirs:

I have just finished reading the article on the merger of AOL and Time Warner, and would like to compliment you on not only a well-written article, but on one which was unbiased as well. The writing of the article was fair, and by presenting only the undisputed facts, it gave each person choosing to read it a chance to decide on their own whether they felt the merger would be in violation of our current anti-trust laws or not.

I have already recommended the article to two of my friends (one is my father-in-law, and the other was a Professor in Economics I had in college who is currently involved in a think-tank in Washington DC) for them to read.

Keep up the good, fair, and balanced writing. If your other articles are as interesting as this one, I will be visiting this site more often.

3 February 2000