Other letters to the WSWS

Dear Sir/Madam,

For the past two years I have been a regular visitor to this web site and it is becoming better and better all the time. Some of the articles and interviews that you publish would not have come out if not for your web site. Please keep up the good work. We all should work harder to bring peace with justice in the world and make sure all the people are equal and the wealth shared equally.

2 March 2000

First of all, let me just say that I'm glad your site is out there. It's such a breath of fresh air at a time when our airwaves (and lives) are so dominated by the business world's mindset. The web is a perfect medium for getting alternative views out to a large group of people.

Secondly (and this actually fits with my first point), I wanted to tell you about an item that ran on a Toronto newscast today. It seems that a local school has just signed a deal that puts new computers and video equipment in the school, allowing students to produce a 12-minute "news program," which is shown to students at the school. This was touted by teachers as a way to get young people interested in current events. The trade-off is that they also have to watch two and a half minutes of advertisements with the "news." (Businesses *do* love a captive audience, particularly a young one with free spending habits!)

Unfortunately, CFTO News (which ran the story) doesn't publish transcripts on its web site, but I thought someone in your organization might be interested in reporting on the story.... I know you've been covering the horrors inflicted by our provincial government here in Ontario.

2 March 2000

Sisters and Brothers:

A big hug to all of you for taking the high road in opposing Proposition 1A, the gambling initiative on the California ballot. I have tried to persuade my fellow socialists to stop falling for the identity politics "poor little Indians" sales pitch for this viciously anti-working class initiative, but they would not listen. Every electoral organization from left to right has endorsed Prop 1A. The only exception among major endorsements I have seen is the San Francisco Examiner, a Hearst newspaper, which opposes Prop 1A. The other newspaper in town, the San Francisco Chronicle, which has a joint operating agreement with the SF Examiner, endorsed Prop 1A, as does every other newspaper I have seen. It is outrageous. We all know that gambling is a regressive tax on the working class, transferring the wealth from the working class to the capitalist class, and that the only hope for the working class of any ethnic group is to unite with workers from all other ethnic groups and fight for socialism.

I hope that when humanity looks back at this era some 50 years from now, they will look to your World Socialist Web Site to see that the socialists of the United States opposed gambling and upheld the necessity of placing the class struggle first. Thank you, once again for opposing all three reactionary measures on the March 7, 2000 California ballot: Props 21, 22 and 1A!

San Francisco
5 March 2000