Letters to the WSWS

Dear Members of the Editorial Board,

Thank you for publishing the article on the incident of stripping a lady in the broad daylight in public. I intend to add few more details. The Island reports on 23 March 2000, that this lady comes from Anuradhapura and her husband, a soldier in the Sri Lankan Army, was killed in action three years ago. Their only child was handed over to an orphanage by the mother, the stripped lady. Ever since she has lived in Colombo, selling herself as a prostitute. The main reason she could not divulge any information about herself was she was fearful that the police would find out that she was a prostitute.

What a tragedy?

Thank you again.

A concerned person
24 March

The NYPD [New York Police Department] has been turned into a homegrown death squad sanctioned by the police commissioner, Howard Safir, and approved by an increasingly fascist mayor. The fact that the daily press has been silent shows that the so-called "liberal media" has always had a soft spot for fascism no matter where it takes place.

After all, Rudolph Giuliani was once the US Attorney for New York under a US President (Ronald Reagan) whose government sponsored death squads in Latin America.

The Village Voice, New York's largest weekly, has just come out with an unusual front-cover editorial calling for Safir to resign. The only way Giuliani will be removed as mayor is if he is impeached by the City Council or elected to the US Senate. Since the first option is not likely and the second looks very possible, we may be seeing the birth of a fascist America in Giuliani's New York.

Also, much praise to the WSWS. With the disintegration of the Pacifica radio network thanks to a takeover by Clintonites and pro-corporate types, the WSWS is a much needed source of real news for this American.


Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA
22 March 2000

Dear Editor,

Thank you for putting out an article on the late historian G.E.M. de Ste. Croix. You might find the work of J.F. Haldon to be similar. His Byzantium in the 7th Century is also written from a Marxist perspective as he explains in his introduction.

21 March 2000