Letters to the WSWS

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site .

The World Socialist Web Site article on the Million Mom March pointing to the social conditions of inequality that underlie this increasingly violent society is right on the mark. We must also look at the capitalist profit system and the dysfunctional society that it creates to find further measures that can be taken to stop violence. The weapons manufacturers stand to gain enormous profits from the continuation of violence in the United States, not to mention the many ongoing brutal wars around the world. Global corporations making weapons like Smith and Wesson pistols and General Electric missiles are among the forces that stand in the way of correcting social conditions.

Those who would not challenge capitalism itself can only propose gun controls and other measures that would affect the working class. However, the same anarchy of competition for profits in the market economy that creates overproduction of automobiles creates overproduction of guns. The overabundant weapons production will continue to push more weapons into our communities as long as the gun manufacturers exist only to maximize profits. Taking the profit out of weapons manufacture by public ownership of arms corporations is a necessary step in reducing the number of guns that exist on the streets. Of course, this could never happen under the existing twin capitalist parties. The campaign of the World Socialist Web Site to politically educate the working class of the need for its own mass party with a socialist program is central to a real fight to stop both the causes and the weapons of violence. This is what was needed but lacking in the Million Mom March.


17 May 2000

I profoundly appreciate the letter of the General Secretary of the SEP to President Chandrika Kumaratunga. All other parties would do well to emulate the SEP's position. I wish all religious leaders in Sri Lanka and the world over learn from the SEP and make the letter of Wije Dias their own and send it to the President of Sri Lanka.

SEP, you are so real and so caring. Thank you.


15 May 2000

Thank-you for your wide-ranging reports on European matters that we have no access to through our mainstream media's biased reporting. I am very interested in Romany issues as I think this is a barometer of the situation regarding attacks on workers' conditions.

Yours faithfully,


11 May 2000

Brilliant Hamlet and Heidegger reviews.

I keep on being sent here through links in the strangest places and am always pleased with what I find. Literary reviews here are not weighted with ideological bias as I would expect.


9 May 2000