An exchange of letters with Cari Sagan Greene, sister of the late scientist Carl Sagan

The following is an exchange of letters between Cari Sagan Greene, sister of the late scientist Carl Sagan, and David North, chairman of the editorial board of the World Socialist Web Site.

29 June 2000

My name is Cari Sagan Greene; Carl was my brother. I read the World Socialist Web Site link and was struck by at least one inaccuracy: Carl was NOT raised as a Catholic. Both of our parents were Jewish, and we were raised in that faith. In fact, he had a Bar Mitzvah.

Also, I was delighted that I was a perfect bone marrow match for Carl, and gave him three (3) bone marrow transplants, not just one, as is mentioned in the web site.

Overall, I commend you on a good article, but I suggest you correct these errors so you don't disseminate misinformation.


Cari Sagan Greene

30 June 2000

Dear Ms. Greene:

Thank you for bringing this error to our attention. A correction will be made.

Permit me to add: Your brother (as you know better than anyone else) was a most extraordinary human being. Hearing and reading the recent trivial comments made by public officials upon the completion of the Genome project—especially that of the President, who could not resist explaining the breakthrough as an insight into God's handiwork—I deeply missed the mind and heart of Carl Sagan. He would have seen in this new scientific advance an opportunity for educating, not stupefying, the American people.

With best regards,

David North

Editor, WSWS

30 June 2000

Mr. North,

Thank you very much for your kind words. I agree with you; Carl would have had an insightful, graceful comment on the Genome project, possibly indicating how little difference there is among human beings and how we need to be inclusive rather than exclusive...


Cari Sagan Greene