Letters to the WSWS


I just want to write to let you know that I find your web site to be extremely impressive and valuable. Your intelligence, rigor, force and passionate commitment toward revolutionary socialism in the classic Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist tradition is a vital contribution. Although I do not always agree with everything I read on your site, I virtually always find what your writers set forth compelling (and often convincing). I also respect and appreciate your understanding of the necessity and value of critique, including polemical critique, and the length and depth of your articles.

Just recently, in reading your critiques of Hobsbawm on the Russian Revolution, Mandel and the break with Trotsky's vision for the Fourth International in the 1950s, the confusions and eclecticism of the US Green Party, the complexity of the problems and limitations in Freudian Psychoanalytic theory of human psychology, the hypocrisy and venality of US vice-presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman's political practices, as well as your film reviews and critiques (which I have read regularly now for quite some time) verifies the fact that this is an indispensable place to turn for trenchantly critical analysis, from a Revolutionary Marxist-Socialist perspective. This web site is an immense resource for building the social force genuinely capable of bringing about revolutionary socialist transformation.

10 August 2000

I can't believe my good fortune, intellectually speaking, of finding your site today for the first time. I've spent at least two hours going from one article to another, and agreeing with the logic and honesty, not to mention the truth, of everything I have read. I especially loved your coverage of the Reform Party Convention. THANK YOU!

Sincerely, HB

12 August 2000


I found your site by chance and was pleased to have discovered an alternative source for news other than the “mainstream” channels available here in the US.

Your writers are sharp and well informed, as well as concise and to the point.

From now on I will make it a must for my daily reading.

Thank you.

Best regards,


12 August 2000

Dear Friends,

I came across the WSWS site somewhat by chance, as I was searching several days ago for articles about “globalization”. Since then I have been printing and reading many of your basic articles at a pace of 12 hours per day...

Among the articles that most impressed me have been those originally given as lectures at the Sydney school, and specially the one about Castroism.

The tone of your programmatic assertions and polemics sounds very low, humble, devoid of that past known scholasticism through which self esteemed leaders tried to assert “authority”. Instead, your tone clearly seeks to clarify, not impose topics.

As for the contents themselves, your interpretation of Marxism sounds to me as extremely elaborated and consistent, both orthodox and actual, very much inviting the reader to a renewed study of Marxism.

And this, of course, at year 2000, after the collapse of the USSR, the decline of Castroism and National Liberation formations, and the changes in world economy, is for me a sign that something very solid stands behind you.



12 August 2000

Dear WSWS Editors,

Gaglioti's human genome article ... has put the whole genome project in a much more humane and scientific perspective. But there is still the nagging question of how the US keeps issuing patents to basic scientific discoveries like human genes! Even under the current bourgeois intellectual property laws, such discoveries are not patentable. I mean how can a natural living process be considered as a unique new invention made possible by a human or corporate person? I remember a case where a US company was suing India for infringing on its US patent on the spice turmeric.... Surely, spices have been around long before any human civilization ever existed! And the human genome, with all its codes and mutations, is also a record and testimony on the long and winding human evolutionary process. To use the anachronistic bourgeois laws to help companies make monopolistic gains out of this collective record on nature and under the guise of religious glorification is absurdity to the extreme, wouldn't you say!


15 August 2000