Letters on US election coverage

I found your September 2,2000 article by Jerry White on the Green Party very informative. I would look forward to finding articles on the other parties very informative as well. With the news media's bias towards the two-party system, it is hard to make an informed decision. I have accessed the Socialist Party site, and the Natural Law site but do not feel I am getting a clear idea of what they stand for. Reading articles that are a little more objective, and in-depth would help those of us who frequent your site see what is actually going on behind the scene. Keep up the good work.


1 September 2000

While I am not a Marxist (you would probably complain that I am much too bourgeois), I must tell you that I read your site daily and enjoy it very much. I also share it with my history classes at the high school in which I teach. I look forward to your thoughtful, incisive analyses. As the mass media become ever more banal and monolithic, it is refreshing to be able to read papers such as yours.

Most sincerely,


4 September 2000

I simply want to thank wsws.org for providing a much-needed Marxist perspective on a whole variety of political issues. I have been accessing your web site daily for the last 2.5 years or so now, and I feel that it is your well-informed analyses, which have massively raised my level of political consciousness. It is quite gratifying to discover that I have ideological soul mates in the wsws.org—genuine Marxists in a sea of vulgar impostors! The web site continues to improve, and the diversity and profundity of the articles continue to amaze me. Recently, your analysis of the US presidential election has really been on the mark. I wholly agree with your conclusion that we are witnessing the degeneration of bourgeois democracy. The sharp rightward move of the Democrats and their embrace of theocracy, the nomination of the nonentity of George W. Bush by the Republicans, the more-or-less open fascism of Buchanan, the retrograde pseudo-radicalism of Nader, and the anti-democratic arrogance of the New York Times —all of this points to a politico-economic system in an advanced state of decay. Keep up the good work—the fate of the international working class is hanging in the balance!


7 September 2000