Letter from a Taiwanese film director

The WSWS received the following letter from Singing Chen, the director of the Taiwanese film Bundled .

Dear David Walsh,

I have seen the review and interview on your web site. First of all, I am sincerely grateful for your warm praise about my film. It encourages me very much! And the conversation (I think it's more than an “interview”) in Vancouver is also pleasurable.

I also saw some other news and analysis on your web site. I think there is not any report in Taiwan that reaches the depth and width of your web site. It's a good medium for me to understand what happens in the rest of the world, including the US and Taiwan. In fact, we have the most news media including TV, web sites, newspapers in Asia. But all of them are skin deep compared to your web site, and they just report what CNN prefers to report. Besides, in their domestic news, they just want to report the most sensational news or recreational news. Even in their “in-depth reports,” they just want you to shed tears like watching a soap opera. In fact, the role of the “reporter” in my film is just like all the other reporters in Taiwan: they don't want you to think about anything deep, but only tell you to “move forward.”

I don't know if you can understand my poor English! What I want you to know is that your web site has provided a best window to look at the world!

Best wishes,

Singing Chen