WSWS readers write in on US elections

Dear WSWS:

Congratulations on your coverage of the 2000 presidential election. You've done an excellent job. Working and middle class Americans have nothing even resembling a choice to represent their interests. I'm slowly coming to accept the inevitability of a Bush presidency. Though Gore leaves much to be desired, I will never understand how someone as incapable and lacking as George Bush Jr. managed to get elected. I believe our lives will change greatly, and for the worse under his “leadership”. Never before have I felt so much like a prisoner.

Good job!!


1 November 2000

Dear Mr. Walsh:

As always you are right on target. Do we really want capitalism with a conscience over compassionate conservatism? What a choice!

I have been receiving countless letters from NOW on the merits of Gore in relation to a single issue: abortion. Apparently, this is the only concern these upper-class liberal women have. They speak of abortion as if it were some joyous rite of passage for women. To me this is bizarre. I don't think it is a happy choice for working-class women. If we had a socialist system, women would be more in control of their reproductive lives (better able to leave abusive situations), able to support a child if they wanted one, and abortions would be less necessary. There seems to be a certain element of selfishness—abortion allows them to get on with their goals, their careers, their privileged lives, and nothing should be more important to anyone than that. Concern for oppressed women is not even a passing concern or they would criticize the capitalist system, which forces them into such a miserable life, and to make such difficult choices.

I was glad to read your insightful article. I am going to make some copies and pass it on.

Take care.


1 November 2000