Letters on Supreme Court intervention in US elections

A friend of mine sent me the editorial about the Supreme Court granting a stay of the recount in Florida, and I must tell you that I don't remember when I last read such a well-written, clear and cogent discussion of a matter of public interest. It was beautiful.


10 December 2000

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the very accurate and intelligent coverage of the US election. You have provided the detailed factual background for the attempted hijack that everyone with open eyes and minds can see.



Oslo, Norway

11 December 2000

Thank you for your excellent commentary on the Supreme Court decision to give the presidency to Bush. The court majority that led this attack on the basic principles of democracy deserves to be impeached, convicted of treason, and given a life term in a federal prison.

The citizens of the US are not as ignorant or compliant as the powers-that-be seem to assume. I believe in the near future the right-wing power structure of this country will find that they vastly underestimated the intelligence, values and political will of the American people.



10 December 2000

To the WSWS:

I have been reading with great interest your articles and statements on the election crisis. I find that there is much that I agree with in what you say about the question of democratic rights at stake. My question to you is: what exactly do you propose be done in an immediate sense?

I mean, do you have a program of slogans or demands that address these issues in a clear, concise way? Do you have some slogans that can organize working people to fight against the anti-democratic events taking place?

I am familiar with transitional demands and such, but are you also putting forward demands that deal with the questions of democratic rights?

With regards,



10 December 2000

I have consistently read your analyses of the US elections and have found them to be the best argued anywhere.

That few others see the implications of the far-right hijacking is shocking, although it may be that people are merely waiting for the drama to play itself out before taking to the streets in great numbers. I can only hope that people wake up sooner rather than later. I've passed on your analyses to many people.

Thank you,


9 December 2000

Even before the US Supreme Court halted the counting, you had already hit the nail on the head. Thank you for making the issue so clear to liberal Democrats like myself the awful stench of the vast right-wing conspiracy that has become very clearly the choice of every Republican officeholder, every Republican judge, and their staff.



10 December 2000

Thank you for your thoughtful and consistent analysis of the ongoing Florida election dispute. Your articles elegantly illuminate the essential dynamic of the dispute. The Bush campaign and its various media and judicial minions have since November 7, 2000 resorted to every conceivable (and in some cases inconceivable) tactic, argument and ploy to obstruct, delay and prevent an accurate count of the votes in Florida from ever taking place.

While it is unclear at this point whether those efforts will ultimately prevail, it is becoming clear that an increasing percentage of the population is beginning to see through the Republican smoke screen and misinformation campaign. It is coming to appreciate and to repudiate the undemocratic nature of the elements that now control the Republican Party. Even the media and elements of the Democratic Party are beginning to acknowledge the reality of what is going on and are beginning to raise voices of protest.


9 December 2000

Dear Sir,

My salute to the wonderful article “Bush attack on voting rights” by John Andrews. It has an angle that most of us didn't see. From my point of view, Bush's attitude towards democracy is consistent with the trend of GOP since 1992:

1. affiliation with militia and religious right since 1992;

2. the vicious and ugliest campaign in South Carolina during the GOP primary versus John McCain;

3. the propaganda machine on air spearheaded by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

I am very concerned that the GOP has sent the US into a new territory—a stage that is usually seen in the declining stage of a civilization, not in a new nation such as the US. In his book The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon stated: “The minds of men were gradually reduced to the same level, the fire of genius was extinguished.”

8 December 2000