Letters on the aftermath of the US election crisis

Excellent article! I am amazed about how the US Supreme Court disregarded their responsibilities, ethics and fairness to basically “steal” the election from the true winner of this process. It is scary to learn that real justice doesn't exist, not even at the highest levels of our judicial system. Justice appears to be in the hands of the powerful, well connected and some interest groups.

The sacred power of the vote has been buried. What a shame! Is this the land of the free and justice for all?


1 January 2001

Bravo, you have been articulate on this subject. I am silently steaming with anger and bless the day I bought the TV with a mute button. Believe me, it is used extensively, whenever the reporters babble on about W., or when the president-impostor himself tries to mangle the English language. Four out of five of my friends feel the same way: Nonsense that the majority of the people have accepted this coup d'etat. It is just that daily cares, the holidays and bad weather seem to overload everyone. Bush and his cronies are turning the time back to the bad old days by appointing his daddy's cronies to office.

By the way, I personally devote many hours weekly to my local watershed to see that our environment is healed from decades of abuse, now we'll have a harder climb back up.

Thanks for listening.


Columbus, Ohio

30 December 2000

Dear Barry Grey:

Thank you for the weighty article on the Bush-installation by the Supreme Court. This reflects my thoughts entirely. It appears we either have been transmuted to an obvious plutocracy—-or worse, a fascist dictatorship. I can't help feeling helpless with what occurred during this past election. It was the nightmare before Christmas. If people allow themselves to be lulled by their own trusted news media, then we are doomed to be altered from the American democracy we all were inculcated with all of our lives. The trauma which people must feel with the blatant theft of our rights to choose our president—must be a trillion times greater than the discovering that Santa or the Tooth Fairy don't exist; for it was the realization that a right-wing coup blatantly installed a man who is the exact antithesis of what we wanted or needed or elected.

You are exactly correct—we shall be altered forever by the powerful right wing, which polarized not only ourselves—but rode roughshod over all of the American principles in which we have prided ourselves. They have reduced our nation to the level of others who have stood in awe of our system. We are now no greater a nation than any fascist dictatorship.

We cannot even have confidence in our votes. Frauds were dismissed by the courts. Illegally submitted ballots were allowed to be tampered with and included. Legal ballots were thrown out. People were turned away at the voting places and skewed ballots composed of desk-blotter paper were disqualified and the voters blamed for being stupid.

If fraudulent practices were not bad enough to install the president-select, then the Supreme Court made certain that they saw to it that he was—and by very devious and un-American means—to stop the counting in the final hours to insure their selection. How can Americans who have taken pride in their system all of their lives ever feel secure in their system again? I totally agree that the subversive behavior of the GOP right-wing perpetrators in consort with the highest court of the land have finally revealed themselves and have been allowed to steal not only an election—but more somberly—a nation's pride and confidence. I fear that if this thing is allowed to be forgotten, we will one day wake up to the realization that we are no longer that great nation under God.

30 December 2000

I wanted to take a moment and congratulate you on the most clearly worded and intelligent article I have read in the last six weeks.


31 December 2000

Dear WSWS staff,

Congratulations on your coverage of the presidential campaign and subsequent crisis. It was superb. I can't think of any other publication in the US which more eloquently and correctly articulated the sentiments and political aspirations of the American working people on this issue (and many others). Your writers over and over again demonstrate, without equivocation, that they represent the only political force in the US capable of challenging the two parties of big business. You have my vote.

Keep up the good work.



16 December 2000


I read “The political crisis in the US: its implications for Europe and the world” and David North's “Lessons from history: the 2000 elections and the new ‘irrepressible conflict'” this morning, and they were the best pieces I've seen on the Bush coup. Years ago, when I was a college student, I heard Norman Thomas speak at the University of Colorado. While a dim-witted youth, as compared to my current status as a dim-witted senior, I found him to be a wonderful speaker. I'm glad I discovered your web site through The Bush Report. I'll be checking your site daily.


29 December 2000

Thanks for the information. You must continue to distribute these articles. As an African-American I feel that we are so quick to give in when people try to label us as trouble-makers. I am so tired of the media and their Republican pals telling us to just get along. Well, we haven't gotten along for the past eight years, so let's just leave it the way it is, at least we have reasons to not get along!

26 December 2000