On the US-British bombing of Iraq

To the WSWS:

The United States is no doubt the most dangerous country on earth. The hypocrisy in their explanations (if they give any) is so glaring to anyone who will look with an open mind. Unfortunately, most people in the US do not have open minds, but are more like robots following the orders of the manipulators in charge.

I agree with your site so much. It is getting scary here as well as abroad. Those in charge are far worse than the poor and oppressed people they choose to attack. It is ludicrous to believe that Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan, or another tiny third world nation will attack the US and therefore the US must attack first. Yet Americans by the millions believe these lies. When I open the subject for discussion, people don't want to hear anything about “politics.” I tell them in response that if they have never voted or even cared before, they should be alarmed now in view of the warmongers placed in the cabinet of the man claiming wrongfully to be president. His claim to fame as governor was the fact that he had killed so many people in Texas. Now he has power to kill all over the world. And that truth is becoming a realization to many people around the world. But here, the Democrats and others seem to have no problem with that and say we need to stay united. I will never recognize him as the president, but he will still have the power to steal, kill and destroy. And he is surrounded by people who would love to unleash that power and control the entire world.

Even now, if there is any country anywhere that does not meet the approval of the rulers here, those rulers have no problem killing that nation's people by the hundreds and thousands. Forced democracy is not democracy. Yet, the US has taken the position that if a nation selects someone the US does not like as leader, the US will place sanctions on that country at the least and bomb them into oblivion at the worst.

The heavy-metal rock group Rage Against the Machine has a T-shirt showing clearly what they mean by their CD, “The Evil Empire.” The Evil Empire shirt displays an American flag. And I agree. I could never handle the old saying of “America—love it or leave it.” I have always believed in “America—time for change for the people.” This nation has become far too aggressive against the world and tries to dominate every person or at least every government on earth. The hatred from abroad is well deserved.


Anniston, Alabama

23 February 2001

Dear Sir/Madam,

My husband and I are absolutely disgusted by the latest barbaric assault on the civilian population of Iraq. What is even worse, however, are the reason used by Messrs. Blair, Cooke, and Hoon to justify it. “Self defence”?? The only people who can cite self defence as a reason for violence against another party is the victim, not the aggressor! If someone came into my home and gave me a black eye and I then tried to defend myself, would that then give my attacker the justification to give me a bloody nose as well—I don't think it would stand up in a court of law, do you?

The so-called no-fly zones are illegal and were set up purely on the say-so of this government and the US, who seem to be a law unto themselves anyway.

Baroness Symonds also made a comment this week that “Saddam may be passing off military deaths as civilians”. First of all, even if it was military personnel who died it would not excuse their actions and, secondly, I hardly think a 10-year-old boy who we saw bleeding and badly injured would have been in the Iraqi army, do you? What a ridiculous statement from someone in such a position of authority within the government. I categorically refuse to vote for a government which insists on slavishly following America and no longer has a mind of its own (and apparently no heart either)!


Dudley, UK

21 February 2001

You conveniently choose not to mention the atrocities Hussein has committed against his own people. War is hell and Hussein shouldn't have started one. I believe that until he abandons his war-making policies, Iraq must be left under the thumb.

As usual, the communists, socialists and ethically-challenged have lined up to defend mass murderers and totalitarian governments. What is it about you people that you feel the need to support the Stalins, Ghaddafis, Khomeinis, Husseins and others in their quest to torture, plunder and build their cults of personality?

Your description of the United States government as "highly unstable" is laughable. Unstable compared to whom? Iraq? Russia? France? Clinton used the United States military--was that due to the lack of US stability? Was the bilateral support for his action a stability question? Get a grip on reality, comrade.


19 February 2001

Dear Sir,

Just two comments regarding “US-British air strikes on Baghdad”:

1. Excellent article.

2. Your tradition of being one of increasingly few honest media outlets continues.

Thank you,


17 February 2001

I would like to add to your brilliant analysis of the recent bombings an another aspect. Increased paranoia and the hyped villainy of Saddam Hussein are used to increase arms sales in the area. I wonder if there are numbers that reflect the sales of weapons to bordering countries. Saddam, who America treats like a world wrestling federation star, serves the purpose that the USSR served for more than a generation. It justifies military buildup and profitable proliferation to other countries. If Saddam is more profitable alive than dead, he will stay alive even though Bob Barr is looking to have the rights to assassinate reinstated.

I feel one could interpret all the motivations for military action and still never get the truth. The only thing I know for sure it is not “to make sure the world is as peaceful as possible.”


17 February 2001