Letters to the WSWS

“US media seize on partial Florida vote recount to bolster Bush”—excellent reportage. If I was a multibillionaire media mogul, I'd give you people a whole news network for yourselves. Then we could get some REAL truth to crack through this Disney World coma we are living in.


13 March 2001

Re: US media seize on partial Florida vote recount to bolster Bush

It appears half-truths and half-counts are still the order of the day. Thanks for bringing the rest of the story to light. Fortunately, the entire American public has not “moved beyond” the Florida election debacle despite what George II would prefer us to believe. It's vital to resist the “compassionate conservative” lullaby being sung, or by the time the elections of 2002 and 2004 take place most voters will have fallen into a sleep so deep that we may be looking at an untold number of disastrous nominations, such as John Ashcroft's, and an additional four years of an unintended presidency.


Your article is dead on. I'd especially like to see the purging of the voter rolls fully investigated.


13 March 2001

I've read your statements on Japan's crisis: “Political impasse as Japanese prime minister denies intention to resign” by James Conachy and “Japan government package fails to win support” by Joe Lopez. I awaited your statements about Japan since Mori announced his intention to resign (although now his intention seems not to be so clear). Meanwhile, I've been following the case in the imperialist press (New York Times, BBC, CNN, Financial Times, etc.). Your analysis is deeper than theirs, and no wonder, since yours is a class analysis. I'd like to congratulate Lopez and Conachy for their articles, which show the social consequences of the present crisis, e.g., the unemployment growth, homelessness, and so on.

Keep on working like this.

Best regards,


13 March 2001