Letters to the WSWS

Below is a selection of letters recently sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

Dear Editor,

Thanks for the succinct analysis of the nature and direction of the Zapatista movement. One wonders how long it will be before Zapatismo becomes commodified in the same way as Che Guevara. Middle class radicals of the world eagerly await the appearance of a Subcomandante Marcos Tequila, or a Zapatista Rolex (the radical, not revolutionary model).



11 April 2001

I just wanted to commend you for the excellent article, “Florida's legacy of voter disenfranchisement.”


Orlando, FL

11 April 2001

Thank you for critiquing Bill Moyers' troubling documentary re: the perfidy of the chemical corporations. I wish there was some way to make these felonious corporate entities accountable for their manifold crimes against us and the environment.



10 April 2001

Congratulations to the World Socialist Web Site for being one of the most critical and thought-provoking publications around in print or online. If only the mainstream media made as much sense—but of course we all know why they don't.

Keep up the good work!


Author and socialist

Canberra, Australia.

10 April 2001

Dear WSWS,

Thank you for your continuing great coverage of human events. It's only lately occurred to me that this entire China spy-plane conflict might be simply an attempt to distract the American population from the Bush administration's horrifying domestic agenda, and to justify future increased military spending, swagger and aggression around the world.


Dover, NH

To say that I disagree with your ideology would be the ultimate euphemism. Nonetheless, I want to commend you on the quality and informative value of your articles. I find your site to be genuine, honest, clear and consistent, something so dearly missed in today's poisoned media.

While I disagree with the ideology of Marx, Engels and Company, I am still able to admire your accurate application of their system of thought. That it is what makes your site so attractive; you have none of the byzantine reiterative catechism, nor the blind failure to accommodate reality, one usually associates with confessed socialists. Maybe there is still hope for nineteenth century radical political thought of not just becoming the new dogmatic religion for third world peasantry.

My only disappointment is that you quoted Time in your article. Time is precisely the kind of news media which is representative of everything you guys try not to be. It ranks number one in my own “hidden agenda per sentence index.” I only circumstantially read them in search of an indication of what not to believe. What can be more self deceptive than considering Time as “anti-establishment?”

Otherwise, keep up the good work


Mesquite, TX

9 April 2001

I visit your site frequently and have not seen current news about Liberia. So I would like you to please update your news on Liberia.


A Liberian

10 April 2001