Letters on the Milosevic war crimes trial


Your articles are correct and well done. Perhaps I’m being a bit snide, but now that we have this wonderful legal regime, which makes it impossible for war criminals to hide from “justice,” let us urge them on. In the 1970s independent tribunals were held in Sweden and other places. Evidence was presented and Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger were found guilty of war crimes.

Today, international law does not allow for flying over another’s territory without permission, and if you drop bombs that is a war crime. Since we’re now in favor of international law, Mr. Clinton, Mr. Blair and Bush should of course be tried for dropping bombs on Iraq, Afghanistan and the Sudan. That’s just for starters.

If the Supreme Court refuses, we can pass an ex post facto law (outlawed by Article I, Section 9, US Constitution), ignore the Supreme Court and ship the various culprits (already judged of course) to a fair trial in Baghdad, Kabul, or even Tripoli, Libya.

Well, thanks for letting me vent.


4 July 2001


I am listening to “Cross Country Checkup” [on CBC radio] and the discussion re bringing Milosevic to trial.

I find it interesting that Britain, which refused to bring Pinochet to justice, is part of this. I agree with Prof. [Michael] Mandel [professor of law at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto] that Lloyd Axworthy, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, etc., should also be brought to justice for their part in this particular war. In fact, I would like to see all of them held publicly accountable for their decisions in our name but without our consent.

The question is now, how can we ordinary people here help to bring this about? Do you have a site where we can vote and be heard, because what I hear from Axworthy is that they realise they are vulnerable and are seeking to consolidate their own privilege and immunity.

Yes. We certainly need a revolution sooner rather than later.

Any suggestions are helpful because I am sure there are things out there that some of us don’t know about. We would be willing I think to raise awareness at least.


Kingston, Ontario

8 July, 2001

To the editor,

I think it is outrageous that the US administration orchestrates the kidnapping and trial of Serb former president Milosevic and in the same day stands aside while widely accused war criminal Sharon prepares ethnic-cleansing of Palestinians on the occupied West Bank. The same West Bank Israel continues to hold in defiance of many UN resolutions. I don’t see any bombs dropping on Tel Aviv like the ones that fell on Baghdad with the same rationale.

I am no supporter of Milosevic, but the role of the US government is that of an international outlaw. If there were any justice, I would see Clinton, Bush and Powell in the dock beside him. I would like to add that Sharon’s crimes past and future are crimes of the British and US. He is their creature; military hardware, Jewish settlements and the Zionist administrations are all financed by the British and US largesse. Money that would go far in rebuilding inner-city schools and restoring housing subsidies.


9 July, 2001