World Socialist Web Site Review: July-September issue out now

Readers of the World Socialist Web Site are invited to order the latest issue of the World Socialist Web Site Review, the quarterly magazine produced by the WSWS Editorial Board. Annual subscriptions to the magazine are also available.

Expanded to 72 pages, the July-September issue features a broad selection of the political, social and cultural commentary that appeared on the site in the preceding three months.

The WSWS received appreciative responses from around the world for its coverage of the US government’s execution of Timothy McVeigh. Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh: the making of a mass murderer, by WSWS Arts Editor David Walsh, and Execution Day in America and The McVeigh ruling—a travesty of justice, written by Editorial Board member Barry Grey , are all included in the magazine.

Also striking a powerful chord with WSWS readers was the comment written by Patrick Martin and WSWS Editorial Board chairman, David North, Robert Kerrey and the bloody legacy of Vietnam, followed by the WSWS Editorial Board statement New York’s New School president accused of war crimes: What is at stake in the fight to remove Robert Kerrey?

Both articles indict the “let bygones be bygones” attitude espoused by the media and academic circles and call for the organization of a campaign to demand the removal of former Democratic Senator Robert Kerrey, who has admitted committing atrocities during the Vietnam War, from the presidency of the New School University in New York City.

The magazine contains coverage of key international political developments. The editorial on Bush’s trip to Europe deals with the deepening of political tensions between Europe and the United States. Other articles explore the political and social implications of the general elections in Britain and Italy, the mounting crisis emerging in the process of European integration, the political uproar in Germany over the “crimes” of the generation of 1968, and the evolution of the Zapatista movement in Mexico.

Asian coverage features analyses of the escalating conflicts between the US and China, the recent royal murders in Nepal, the election of Koizumi in Japan, revelations about Australia’s complicity in the 1999 massacre in East Timor, the alliance of the Indian “left” with the fascistic Shiv Sena, and the campaign being conducted by the Sri Lankan Socialist Equality Party for the release of six young Tamils from indefinite detention.

The number of readers sending comments and inquiries to the WSWS has steadily increased. This issue of the WSWS Review contains replies by Editorial Board member Nick Beams dealing with such issues as globalisation, the Russian Revolution, socialism and human nature. Also included is a reply by Editorial Board member Peter Symonds entitled “Marxism and the national question in Sri Lanka.”

The magazine concludes with a critique of the movie Pearl Harbor and two thought-provoking essays by David Walsh on the necessity for a new perspective in filmmaking.

Taken together, the 27 articles included in the July-September WSWS Review are a representative sample of the depth and breadth of Marxist analysis presented daily on the World Socialist Web Site. We encourage all our readers to visit the WSWS regularly, take out a subscription to the WSWS Review and send comments and correspondence to the site.

Current and back issues of the WSWS Review can be ordered through Mehring Books at sales@mehring.com in the US for $US5 per issue, sales@mehringbooks.co.uk in the UK for £2.50 per issue and mehring@ozemail.com.au in Australia for $A6.50 per issue. Annual subscriptions (four issues) are available for $US30 in the US, £10 in Britain and $A30 in Australia.