Letters on "Bush, the Pope and stem cell research"

The following letters were received about our July 27 comment “Bush, the Pope and stem cell research” by Patrick Martin.

How right you are. The whole purpose of the Catholic hypocrisy is control. Control, especially of women.(Remember the good old days, when females were having 11 or so babies, in such squalid surroundings, the mother was lucky if she lived to be 35.) I know, my grandmother was such a person. The Catholic Church should mind their own business. Take some of their millions of dollars, use it to find out why their priests are perverts.


27 July 2001

Good job exposing the usual Catholic nonsense.


27 July 2001


Your perspective as presented in Patrick Martin’s article of 7/27/01 reflects the usual clarity of understanding that we readers of your contributions have come to expect. We must be vigilant against the reactionary “Luddite” tendencies so pervasive today. But the emphasis of your article should have been further developed. There is a serious and valid concern on the part of the masses over the development of this technology by the agents of totalitarian vampire capitalism, for with this technology in the hands of the capitalist beast, the prospect and probability for the further disenfranchisement and enslavement of the masses is greatly enhanced. The capitalist system has profaned and commodified all that is sacred and all that is human, in a never ending passion to render all existence into monetary profit.

We humans are already well designed and endowed to adapt to our place in the community of living beings, and it is the capitalistic misuse of already developed technologies which is destroying the planetary fabric of life. While I celebrate all that enhances human productive capacity, there are areas of exploration which should possibly be held in abeyance until such time as we have liberated ourselves from the yoke of totalitarian vampire capitalism. The beast should not be further empowered by any additional technological capabilities for it is certain it will use this technology, as it utilizes all current technology, to enslave and oppress the masses. It knows no other paradigm.

With regards,


27 July 2001

Dear editors,

Thanks for talking about stem cells with such an insight. It is rare to hear about them outside the sphere of scientific or legal papers, whereas it may be the biggest revolution in medicine since Pasteur, in terms of its possible impact on the longevity of humanity.

With Bush laws, the real shame is that the rich kids will go to Europe for abortion and advanced genetic medicine, whereas the others will remain under the reign of superstition.

But the Pope is one of the most reactionary we could have had. He’s from the “Opus Dei” subset of the Catholic “brand.” Members of Opus Dei inflict torture onto themselves, like using nails on whips, or wearing nailed bracelets under their clothes, so that they feel pain all the time. You see the kind of crazy thing they believe in.... I don’t think that the Pope can survive much longer, even though he uses the technology he condemns to survive way longer than what he should.

At least in France, the “market share” of the Catholic brand is not very stable. And in the area where I live, it is very low.

There is hope that people get more organized, via the Internet, and get access to nonsuperstition-based education. In the meantime, the reactions of the “holy” preachers shall get more and more violent, for, as you explain so well, their territory is getting smaller and smaller: Imagine the reaction of superstition leaders the day that stem cells shall be used for the first time to regenerate the skin of an old person. They’ll preach about violation of the divine laws and the like, the media will talk about “the end of death”, a dangerous time indeed...

Thank you dear writers and editors from the heart for all this good work,

With compliments,




27 July 2001