Letters to the WSWS

The following is a selection of recent letters to the WSWS .

To the Editors:

I would just like to say that I appreciate Patrick Martin’s defense of scientists in his response to the letter from AT [14 August 2001]. As a scientist and a socialist I take offense to such comments, which seem all too common among many from the left. I do not work for profit. I work for the betterment of humanity and hope that one day my research will be useful to all. Unfortunately, in this society where greed is held in the highest esteem, science seems to be following along gladly. I personally abhor the commercialization of science and the patenting of such things as genes, proteins and entire life forms. Not only is this bad for the vast majority of humanity who cannot afford the medicines/foods created under these patents but it is also bad for scientists whose wish to work is limited by such patents.



Ithaca, New York

25 August 2001

David Walsh,

Just saw Apocalypse Now. Wow!

No matter how muddled its politics, it remains the last great American film, along with Nashville!

By the way, saw Coppola in an interview on the Actors’ Studio program. He was wonderful. At the end he said we should all go back Das Kapital minus the Stalinism!

Boy, How I miss the Coppola of the Godfather films, which was no less an indictment of capitalism. And The Conversation, too. These, I think, along with Apocalypse, are some of the greatest American films of the last 50 years.

Thanks for the review.


25 August 2001


It appears to me that it is dangerous for liberty to have a government raid a home that transfers information on the Internet. As government changes in the future one could be considered an enemy of the state because of religious beliefs, etc. Thus, government forces could be brought to bear on individuals believing or discussing various viewpoints. It is scary that one could view sites, converse with others and yet the “government” could hold a person “against the law” for the thoughts of an inquiring mind. What ultimately is happening is “We the People” lose liberty and freedom.


25 August 2001

I would like to read articles on the impact of foreign investment on the social, cultural, political and physical aspects of life in Sri Lanka.

Thank you,


28 August 2001

Thank you for writing about the Eritrean people’s plight.


24 August 2001


I read your report of the assault on the miners in Bentleville by the bully boys. It made my blood boil because I know what it is like. In the strike of 1984-85 there were soldiers with police uniforms on and no badge numbers on them and they gave us hell. But we would go on strike again. There is only one coal mine left in South Wales now and thousands of coal miners are on unemployment benefits. Also the communities are suffering through lack of funding from the British government. Keep on with your good work.

An ex-collier,


24 August 2001

Dear editor,

Regarding “Suit charges Florida election reform violates voting rights,” many thanks to WSWS for its continuing exposure of the rot at the heart of official American politics.



24 August 2001

Mr. Martin’s article on Dr. Lee’s spy case was well researched and well written. I recommended it to a friend.


22 August 2001