Letters on the US war in Afghanistan

Below we post a selection of recent letters on the US war in Afghanistan.

Dear Editor,

I’m a 19-year-old university student from Australia, and I’d just like to let you know that I completely agree with the viewpoints expressed by your articles regarding this “War on Terrorism.” I’m impressed that you can expose and tackle the real issues head-on in an intriguing way, unlike the vast majority of news services, which seem to only offer superficial reportage of events. I believe John Howard is a nasty, naughty and evil man, and that the Labor Party has lost touch with the working class too and should be beaten with six-week-old stale loaves of French bread while being forced to watch Oprah’s Book club. (Stales French loaves are all we students can afford more or less under this oppressive regime that likes to call itself the Liberal Party of Australia.)

I’m angry at the state of affairs in the world, as well as frightened for everyone’s futures—as surely things are getting so worse. All I can say is: go you socialists and down with the conservative right-wing, corrupt capitalist monsters. You might have noticed that I’m at least a little disgruntled and saddened. But I’m not the only one and I’m pleased that opposing voices to this corrupt corporate/government rubbish are starting to make themselves noticed more now. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep reading.


27 October 2001

Thank you for an interesting article that illuminates many of the issues facing us and points out more of the steps in the road ahead. I often feel that we Americans are reliving the time in the early 1930s when the Weimar Republic succumbed to Nazism.

The illegitimate election; the expansion of police power to dictatorial dimensions; the ongoing defunding of the social services segment of government; and the concomitant weakening of domestic dissenters to the Republicans are all domestic steps toward dictatorship and fascist rule in America.

The star wars initiative and now the anti-terrorist foreign adventures that your article outline could set America along the path of foreign adventurism and coercion that Hitler led the Germans onto with the remilitarization of the Rheinland and the occupation of the Sudentenland in the 30’s.

Thank You


New York

26 October 2001

I would also like to bring to your attention the Singapore government’s exploitation of this war on ‘terrorism’ with the denial of voting privileges to Singaporeans overseas. The reason cited was that Singaporeans would be a “target” for terrorists should they gather in large numbers in foreign consulates. This holds little water as they had already had plans to do just this before September 11.

They have even banned lunchtime election rallies in the central business district stating that it would, again, be a target for terrorists. It should be noted that rallies held in this locality in the past by the opposition had drawn large crowds. It seems to be nothing but an obvious attempt to compromise the opposition attempts to gain even a toehold in parliament.

The interests of the working class in Singapore is of little consequence as long as this government has been in power. Salary scales are similar to those of more than a decade ago, while the cost of living has seen significant increases.

I do not know what your organisation can do. We, socialistically inclined, people here are muzzled with the threat of the Internal Security Act hanging over us. Perhaps you could do something to publicise this state of events here. It is sickening to see global leaders praising the government here and calling it a model state when the working class are given little say in just about anything.

Another issue is the plight of “foreign” workers in this country. Many are from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and so on. It saddens me to see them greatly exploited here. The government also imposes a levy in which the employers pay a fee for every worker. The workers however earn salaries that are ridiculously low. For instance, a construction worker a decade ago might receive $60 dollars (SGD) for a day’s labour. His “foreign” counterpart today receives about $15 (SGD) from the accounts I’ve heard.

Please publicise and do whatever you can for the workers here. Nobody else in this country seems to give a damn.


26 October 2001

Thank you!

I appreciate the fact that someone is finally speaking the truth! I hope that the “Homeland Security” official does not come after you.

There are a lot of us who are afraid of our own government. We are afraid that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the amendments will be thrown out the door bit by bit and soon we will be living in a country that looks like Nazi Germany. You can feel it and see it by what is going on in Washington.

I have sent letters to my Congress representatives and all I get back are platitudes, which don’t even address my original concerns!

Thank you again for being on the (thinking) people’s side!



25 October 2001

Thank you for your well-written article about the financial factors that contributed to the development of the Taliban. It is refreshing to read some thoughtful discourse about the war on terrorism.


Tucson, Arizona

24 October 2001

It is obvious from your writing that you have never been to foreign countries where terror is a daily event. It amazes me how many Americans openly comment on activities they know little about. No we do not live in a perfect society, and yes things could be better. But I have been to and seen what other countries have to offer. You should be very glad that we, who have served our country in an effort to assure you retain your freedom of speech, among other freedoms, believe in this country and your rights. Why don’t you go to another country and try living under your preferred form of government for a while? You would find that the rights you have here and your ability to choose does not exist elsewhere.


24 October 2001

Mr. Symonds,

There is enough greed and self-interest on all sides to make a clear understanding of this mess difficult.

The Internet is the only way to develop, as part of a clear understanding, a “coherent explanation of the origins of this Islamic extremist organisation, its social and ideological base, and its rise to power.”

Your two pieces are a useful contribution.

Thank you,


24 October 2001

This progressive populist thanks the author for her article. I am here in Hagerstown, Maryland roughly 75-80 miles from DUBYA and Company. A comrade in arms of mine who is from this area teaches at University of Northern Florida in Jacksonville and he sent me your article (regarding academics facing harassment for opposing the war).

I certainly hope your reporting continues to expose the US for its eternal vigilance to continue this war even if it could be over. Our government needed something to replace the Cold War, and now they got another “ISM” in Terrorism.


24 October 2001

I do not know how to tell you how objective you are. You are one of the rarest news organizations—one that is telling the truth. What you do you have done with fair balance. While we are grieving the loss of innocent lives in the World Trade Center at the same time we have to recognize the American government is not innocent. Remember Chile in 1973, how the CIA and American government overthrew the Allende government, killing thousands of people?

Let us take a look at what is happening now in the Middle East. Look at what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians with the help of the US. Who in the world would accept that somebody comes over and steals your land and then kills by the thousands? I really think that before the US can think about peace, they have to revise and rethink their foreign policies.

Again, the WSWS is balanced. When I need a fair perspective of what is going on around the world I read the WSWS. Thank you for educating me with in-depth, intuitive, and informative articles.

Keep doing the good work.



26 October 2001

As a very left-leaning ex-patriot Brit, now living in Ohio, I must thank you for printing the correspondence supporting your position on these important issues. Many of the posts in agreement with your views must come from Americans and this makes me very thankful. Until now I’ve felt like a lone voice crying in the wilderness, wondering why nobody else in this country “gets it”.

Please keep peeling away the propaganda so that more people can see the true situation, warts and all.



24 October 2001

I generally enjoy your site and its analysis. It enables me to more clearly see through the transparent nature of Western media and its support for the military’s propaganda efforts.

This article, (Afghan death toll mounts...) however, really struck me as biased. Your accounts are based almost entirely on Taliban sources; and while I do not doubt that civilians have been killed, is it not apparent to you that the Taliban are just as prone to propaganda as we are? It seems as if the U.S. military is always lying and the Taliban is always telling the truth, according to you.


23 October 2001


Of all the socialist organizational web sites I have surveyed, and there has been quite a few, yours has offered by far the best critical analysis of the events of the September 11th and the US-government-led war in Afghanistan. The WSWS provides an extraordinarily valuable, indispensable resource at this time; thank you. As a fellow Marxist, Leninist, and Trotskyist (revolutionary democratic) socialist I commend you and report that your site is providing me with highly useful support for the anti-war education and activism in which I am now engaged. I especially appreciate your coverage of the effects upon human rights and civil liberties of the current war (and of many developments leading up to the war/initiatives-in-process which warmongers have used the war to advance), of imperialist interests in the Caspian Sea/Southwest Asian region, and of the clear difference between anti-imperialism and anti-Americanism.

In Solidarity,


24 October 2001

Isn’t it interesting that when someone runs an airplane into the World Trade Center it is called terrorism and the people killed are called innocent victims—and when the US/West bombs a hospital it is called war and the people killed are called collateral damage?

What a nice way to de-personalise the other side so that it makes the rationale for killing them easier and more reasonable? Makes me sick.


24 October 2001

Dear Sirs/Madam,

I just want to thank you for your excellent, honest news coverage of the latest USA fiasco, the war in Afghanistan! I am just another anonymous worker, who feels helpless and out of touch. Thank you for being my light at the end of the tunnel.



24 October 2001

I want to let you know how refreshing it is to read your articles. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t fully accept everything that your site publishes. I just like to read and explore other people’s perception and ideas. It helps me to understand and decide whether or not to believe what is being reported, said, or published. I am an American and all the news is so one-sided that it makes this society and the people look perfect. I often wonder how come not a single government or patriotic American has come forth to say that the Government policy(ies) has towards certain people or countries are wrong. There is no credibility and trust in the media and the government. I say this because all of the crimes and wrong doing of any administration always comes out 10 or 15 years later.

What that tells me is that right now, whatever is being reported could be information to deceive and mislead people. Well, enough of that, keep up the good work.


20 October 2001