Letters on "US planned war in Afghanistan long before September 11"

Below we post a selection of recent letters on Patrick Martin’s “US planned war in Afghanistan long before September 11”.

Thank you. You have confirmed many of my suspicions about the September 11 attacks. I personally have smelled a large rat (and that’s an insult to the rat) from Day 1. However, in that last couple of weeks of reading the analyses on WSWS, as well as other sites and newspapers, has confirmed my beliefs that Bush and his minions are murderers and war criminals, and should be brought to trial in the same manner as their Afghan, Russian and Saudi collaborators. No government should ever be above the law if they commit atrocities on any scale, but especially on the level of these attacks. The evidence for the US planning the attacks is there; all we have to do is to keep digging. Keep up the great work you are all doing.



21 November 2001

Your article was very thought provoking and one that is very necessary now, given the way most of the non-Islamic world is looking at the US action through rose-tinted glasses. I wish, however, that some research had been done and mention made of Mr. Bush (indeed both father and son’s) links with the US energy industry.



23 November 2001

The facts are that militants based in Afghanistan and supported by the Taliban have attacked our country and, in their own words, plan to keep attacking and killing Americans with any weapon they can. The conspiracy theories you write about just don’t add up to much of anything. Nothing you write changes the basic facts.


23 November 2001

I happened to be searching the web to find out more info on US foreign policy and the bigger picture on this “war or terrorism” or whatever the Bush administration wants to call it, and I found exactly what I was looking for! It is a shame that whenever someone speaks of foreign policy the general public doesn’t want to hear it because they all have been brainwashed or simply just lack the knowledge. A lot of these issues I have been trying to get people to understand for so long and I am glad to see how organized and detailed these articles are. This site definitely helps in my pursuit to educate others. I could right a book on how I feel about the Bush administration and this senseless bombing which has the potential to create more terrorists. Look at these kids losing their families! Does the Bush administration think they won’t remember who did this to them!? And if this is a war, where is the formal declaration? I can’t believe how retarded this guy is! But anyway, I love the site! It is very informative! I look forward to reading more from here everyday! Thanks!


23 November 2001


I would like to point out as a former US service member and one who has known many other service members, that the “information” provided by Patrick Martin on 20 November 2001 in “US planned war in Afghanistan long before September 11” is completely erroneous.

Let me say that the title, the assumption of being prepared for different contingencies is part of what the military does, but the US had and still has no economic interests in Afghanistan. Martin’s presumptuous and unproven speculation borders on the absurd. All one apparently has to do to present pure propaganda without respect of any truth is to do what you all do! Address your fears with conjectural theory and speculation. Publish this as fact and hope the world doesn’t know the difference.


22 November 2001

I finally found a news agency with the guts to print the truth!

My goodness... what’s happening in America..?

22 November 2001

You are to be commended. That is the most comprehensive, even-handed coverage of the events that I have ever read. I learned a lot. Thank you.


21 November 2001


Good article. Probably reasonably accurate, unfortunately there are many pressures in Central Asia. Among them, oil for the economy of the US and industrial world, training locales for primarily Islamic militants and potential terrorists, and as warnings to the rest of the world that the US economy will be maintained by military action if necessary.

I would not excuse the US of its own brand of terrorism. However, even though difficult to come by, alternate news sources and views have an outlet in the US, there is criticism of the US role around the world, and little by little the US population can gain knowledge and change some of the direction of its government and corporate sponsors.



21 November 2001

Hey I like your site. It has brought me hope as I have yet to find any such other site with indisputable facts regarding the truth behind the “war”.


21 November 2001