Letters in response to "Anti-Americanism: the ‘anti-imperialism’ of fools"

Dear David North and David Walsh,

I read your essay “Anti-Americanism: the ‘anti-imperialism’ of fools” and very much agreed with its central argument. I think this is a very important point.


Michael Hardt

Michael Hardt is the co-author, with Antonio Negri, of Empire

Dear Editors,

Yahoo led me to read North and Walsh’s article, “Anti-Americanism: the ‘anti-imperialism’ of fools.” Though I can no longer be a socialist, its elegance, decency and penetration reminds me why I was one for so long. It moved me the way an old atheist might be moved to hear a favorite hymn from his youth.



27 November 2001

I just came across your web site for the very first time today via a link. I’d just like to say that your “Anti-Americanism: The ‘anti-imperialism’ of fools” article from September was one of the most eloquently written pieces that I’ve come across since September 11. As an 18-year-old college student I found it very, very difficult to fully grasp the attacks. My opinions on major issues changed briefly, I questioned my socialism, I let sudden bursts of emotion change my opinion in conversation (i.e., “Bomb the bastards!”).

Since coming to my senses near the end of October I have found it hard, nearly impossible, to put into writing or words my feelings about this country, our country. Our history and our current situation; our human need for liberties mixed with sensible compassion. Your article hit so close to everything I’ve been feeling that it had me in tears.



28 November 2001