Letters to the WSWS

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the WSWS.

Thank you for your important article on the bankruptcy of Osama bin Laden. I appreciate that you BOTH castigate bin Laden and draw the parallels between his behavior and that of the US government and its figurehead Don Rumsfeld.


New York

19 December 2001

Dear Editors,

Thank you very much for your excellent coverage of this most recent “war” and many other important issues. Very few news organizations seem willing to report on what’s really happening in Afghanistan. To hear the official rationales out of the mainstream news the terrorists simply hate freedom, and that’s that. I still can’t believe that this is actually being presented as the analysis of a man presumed to have the qualifications for the job of president.

I wouldn’t expect squat from TV, but even NPR and Pacifica are a joke. This is what “the liberal media” presents: pseudo-intellectual and political comedy and “arts” shows, “world music,” and how to diagnose problems with your car. Even just straight-up news is getting harder to find coming from them. However, there are three corporate-owned AM stations in my area which feature round-the-clock political discussion, 90 percent of whose hosts are openly conservative, right-wing, and libertarian ideologues, all of whom are of course highly supportive of the war in Afghanistan.

I might expect this in a lot of other cities, but I actually live in San Francisco, presumed to be the most progressive city in the US. Some of that spirit remains, but much of it is leaving with the artists and workers who can’t afford to live here anymore.

Anyway, thanks again. Thanks for being one of the only news agencies from whom we would actually know that a war was going on right now.


17 December 2001

I completely disagree with your article. This is war, and Al Qaeda doesn’t care about treaties, surrender or any form of compassion. Why should they when they have oppressed their own people for years? I am supportive of the socialist cause in general, but there are some things that you simply don’t understand. The Taliban made their choice not to surrender when they had the chance before the military entered Afghanistan. They will not listen to any cutesy little UN pleading or humanitarian groveling. They are primitive thinkers, and all they most likely understand is force. Please don’t waste your time trying to defend criminals who are simply getting what they deserve. Is America or America’s actions perfect? No, but it’s truly the best option at this point. I would much rather have the UN there than the Taliban, and that’s only going to happen by killing some human beings who are on the wrong side of the war. They had their chance.


16 December 2001

I’m a transport worker and I want you to know that your news reporting and analyses are really outstanding. The corporate media just bangs the drums of war and jingoistic patriotism while avoiding any real discussion and debate of the causes and consequences of the US corporate empire of greed and their government’s policies and actions.

For your critics who are quick to criticize your politics because it’s “war”—wake up and pay attention. It’s all about oil and profits again—or don’t you get it? These ignorant “patriots” don’t even seem to have a clue that the political system they claim to cherish against “terrorist attacks” is now under one of the most vicious and insidious attacks in history—by those who rule in Washington and from Wall Street. Our Bill of Rights is being shredded by the biggest terrorist agency on the face of the planet—the US government. And for all those who are excusing the atrocities being committed in our name—hey, if you ever wondered where all those Germans, Spaniards and Italians, Chileans came from who supported ultra-patriotism, totalitarianism, and then fascism—look—it’s people just like you.

WSWS—keep up the good work.


13 December 2001

I just wanted to say that your web site and explanation of world news makes sense and adds up at the end of the day. Unfortunately it depresses me to know that America is the only superpower in the world killing and destroying as it pleases anywhere in the world.

I’m not a socialist and did not know anything about socialism until after the September 11 event, but I feel for Cuba, Iraq and the working class of the world.

Keep up the good work. I hope informing the world of the evil actions of our governments one day will turn into a massive action that will change the world.


17 December 2001

Dear Mr. Marsden:

I was very impressed by your article, “Sharon Seeks Destruction of Palestinian Authority” on December 19. I do want to comment that Arafat was in serious error when he did not do more to arrive at an agreement with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak last year. He did not have to accept Barak’s offer, but it is too bad that the PLO did not have a better negotiator, considering that the talk’s failure would predictably lead to Sharon’s election. Having said that, as a Jew, I must say that Ariel Sharon is the Jewish Hitler.

I agree that it is working class Jews and Arabs that must come forward to bring about a settlement in the Middle East so that all can live together. It is only through Socialism that we can stop war.



19 December 2001

An excellent overview of Israel & Palestine issues. Your conclusion—that the working masses on both sides combine to create a true socialist/democratic society—is unrealistic. For a start there’s the religious issue—that will be hard to neutralise; then there are different cultures—two tribes who detest each other. Sure, the workers on both sides should combine in the way you suggest ... but is this realistic? What sort of timeframe are we looking at? Within our lifetimes? Hard to envisage. Excellent journalism, though,



19 December 2001

Dear Editor,

I am disgusted with the way things are going in the Middle East: yet again, we see the hypocrisy of the US, as it fights its so-called war on terrorism (which appears to be more a war on poverty so far) but at the same time, funds the state terrorism of Sharon and his followers. We must remember, however, that there are plenty of Israelis who are equally sickened by this state of affairs.

The failings of the League of Nations played a large role in the outbreak of WWII: let’s hope that the failings of the UN do not lead us to WWIII.


19 December 2001

Dear wsws.org,

Good response to the recent Ashcroft hearing in the piece written by Kate Randall and John Andrews. When I heard Ashcroft hold forth on the radio, my worst fears were confirmed. The Bush administration is stepping up fear and intimidation tactics in an effort, among other things, to beat back any criticism and questioning from “the people” who might, like myself, remember that the federal government did nothing to prevent the terror attacks in the first place. This administration is despotic and cannot bend the will of the people indefinitely.


12 December 2001

Although, as a libertarian, I am in complete opposition to socialism which leads to a totalitarian state, I nonetheless have to congratulate Kate Randall and John Andrews on their excellent piece exposing the neo-fascist nature of the Bush administration (“Ashcroft defends Bush’s war against the Constitution”). Ron Paul’s telling of how the “Patriot” Act passed should utterly disgust any American.

Thanks from someone who cares about the future of America.


New York

13 December 2001

Dear Comrades,

Thank you for all the hard work you must have put in to make your web site one of the best for information and critical thought, particularly with the events of this terrible year.


19 December 2001

Thank you for all your work. I am sure it contributes greatly to the organisational efficiency of the labour movement. I am now a retired worker (72) and enjoy keeping an eye on the situation. You are doing a fine job.

I hope you will all enjoy the seasonal celebrations.


19 December 2001

Dear editor,

I find this recent article [“Cohn-Bendit attacks German novelist Günter Grass for opposing Afghan war”] fascinating as it explains much of what appears inexplicable in the last 30 years and the readiness of sections of the “Far Left” to support imperialism at just about every turn you can possibly imagine.

I hope you can arrange more,


16 December 2001