Letters on Bush, Enron and the New York Times

Dear WSWS,

What did I tell you about the New York Times?

Kenneth Lay and his co-conspirators are criminals and should be in prison, all of their assets confiscated and returned to the employees they ripped off. I’ve discovered what the Bush administration and these corrupt capitalists have in common with Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda: a longing for a return to the thirteenth century. You know, that romantic time when the populace were illiterate serfs—no money, no education, no power, no nothing—and the robber barons ( there’s a fine old expression!) owned everything and ruled with absolute power and ruthlessness.

How else to describe the boundless greed of the Enron mob and their complete lack of concern over the fates of the people who worked for them? Their total belief that if they wanted millions of dollars, they had a right to have millions of dollars whether they had to lie, cheat, steal or (in effect) murder to get them? And now their mouthpiece (said Times) ventriloquizes their outrage that anybody should have the effrontery to call them to account for it.


San Francisco

10 January 2002

In regard to Enron, the attitude of the New York Times, and every other boojwah big bunny whore soft pedaling this mess: they aren’t anything but a bunch of thugs, gangsters, nazis and barbarians. The future is with the proletariat, or there is no future.


New York City

10 January 2002

Having never been interested in politics until the Clinton bash began and wishing I were not now, I would just like to tell you that a few of us ordinary citizens are and have been protesting all along—every chance we get. In addition, there are a lot of anti-Bush sites that keep us all informed. Important sites like BushWatch and BuzzFlash and several others.